Orgasmic Bliss … An excerpt from my novel

Several friends on the site have been asking me about the status of my erotic novel. It is basically done. I am trying to work up the courage to e publish it. Yesterday in chat several friends asked me for a sneak preview. That being said here is an excerpt. This is a letter from a female lover to the main character describing a fantasy that she has about him as she is masturbating.

They have been apart for a month and she is longing for him. It is a little long ….. sorry


The scent of my feminine desire rises from the lips between my thighs; my pussy lips are oozing my passion for you. My steamy passion rises from deep within the warm recesses of my moist pink furrow; the cauldron of sexual need between my thighs scents the air with my sensual musk. The scent of my musk wafts around you and I in an imagined bed searching for your vulnerability; finding you breathing heavily in your own desire for me the scent of my need for you lingers around your nostrils, eventually entering and drifting into your brain. You are becoming intoxicated by the aroma of my desire; it stiffens your cock as it fills your head with lewd and lascivious thoughts of me.

The mysterious feminine force of my desire for you slowly begins to assume an exotic shape in your mind’s eye; ever so subtly it becomes an exquisitely delicate and feminine hand with an elegantly extended index finger. My sensual feminine "finger" then explores your body, eventually finding your gorgeous flesh shaft; it is rigid for me. At the tip of your upturned sexy helmet my desire finds your wetted cock slit; like a scent hound that has found its prey my desire zeros in on your cockhead with its oozing slit. Tenderly my virtual hand grasps your penis, lovingly caressing the pulsing purple hued cockhead in its warm grasp readying you for penetration; the sexual heat of my hand caressing your sensitive cock skin causes you to shudder and fidget.

You feel the sweet tingle of my pleasurable embrace of your aching male prong. I look at your erection in aroused anticipation. My desire to share my sexuality with you sends shivers up your spine; chills collect at the base of your skull. The shivers encircle your neck and envelop your head, making your scalp vibrate and ears ring. As you shiver, shudder and quake in its sultry grasp, my desire tenderly caresses the swollen head of your cock; ever so daintily my finger searches for the slit at your pulsing head.

I know your penis so well, I am in no hurry; my search is patient and methodical. It tickles your cock. Slowly the tip of the finger glides all over the precum slickened smooth taut skin of your cockhead. I tease it by massaging it in tight little circles, savoring your slippery male sexiness. My clit is hardened to match the aroused rigidity of your cockhead in its swollen hard need. Your cock skin is so different than all other skin on your coarse male body. The skin on your cock is delicate and thin and very sensitive. I imagine what it feels like with my lips around it as I swathe with my tongue.

Once my desire found your pre cum soaked slit it toys with it, gingerly tasting the sweet slippery nectar that you offer me. My desire for you is like a hummingbird that is darting around the single bulbous sticky stamen of your male flower; my desire flits, darts and hovers in anticipation of the rich and sweet reward your sticky cock – stamen is offering me. Then very gently, my desire alights on the slit in your penis and pries it open, parting it and holding it open in preparation for penetration, sweet penetration. You can feel it parting the tiny lips exposing the sensitive pink skin inside your purple hued corona.

You are drunk in your arousal, immobilized by my charms; you don't understand how this is happening and how I can make you feel this way. The rational side of your brain struggles to cope with the erotic intoxication that has paralyzed your body. I am this demure feminine person you long for. You tower over me in size and strength yet with nothing more than a thought, a look and the touch of a finger I have immobilized you and rendered you helpless. But as your rational mind questions what is happening, the erotic side of your mind is savoring the paralysis that grips you and the sensation that I am inflicting on you in your frozen state.

I am savoring the vision of you floating eyes closed in the deep wet pleasure that you are experiencing as your aching cock is tingling in anticipation of the whispered promise of further pleasure that I am silently whispering in your ear. My sultry promise is delivered in the warm breath that seemingly melts your resolve and it renders your penis to become an iron rod. Ultimately you give in to the pleasure that is tenderly embracing your gorgeous cock. My pussy is red with desire just as your cockhead is purple in arousal; my libido is a sodden steaming inferno that craves you.

My sweet feminine desire tarries and teases your cockhead for quite a while, playing with the drool of precum that is now a stream running down your elongated curved shaft. My need for your male nectar has been wetted; I crave the taste of more of it on my tongue. My desire craves to be at the source of your warm male essence so that it can bathe and drink at the sweet warm pool of your steaming arousal.

Then with the gentleness of a butterfly my sexy desire deftly enters your oozing slit, penetrating your stiffened penis; as it sinks into you it causes you to shudder as ripples of pleasure travel up the core of your penis to that secret spot deep in your anus. When they arrive at their destination they detonate and send waves of euphoria up and down your anal canal.

As I descend into your sexy wet heat I savor the rich erotic core of your masculinity. Slaking the thirst of my arousal in your male essence my desire for you grows stronger, drawing its power from the heat of your own need. My desire causes your cock to lurch, arch, stiffen to stone and drool precum as you sigh quietly. My invasion of your penis fills you with rapture. You are helpless, a fly caught in my erotic web. You are overcome and immobilized by the power of my desire; my erotic need is holding your body down on the bed. Your heart is racing and your head is spinning as my nefarious loving invasion continues. Your breath comes in short gulps as the weight of my erotic power holds you down.

Your sexual appeal is in turn intoxicating me. I gasp and groan as I watch my passion inch into you, igniting the steaming hiss of your arousal as it burrows in the sweet warmth inside of your cock. You writhe in anguished joy as the gentle touch of my desire probes deeper and deeper into the core of your penis, slowly following the path that it has claimed. As my desire mingles with yours grows it becomes a seething uncontrollable force. That force now relentlessly seeks the power that makes you ejaculate deep inside you. You are overcome with lust and love for me; you relish the sight of my eyes gazing hungrily at your throbbing prong. You begin to moan my name; your breathy entreaties make my cunt swell and open for you.

As my passion grows and takes root inside you I am filled with overwhelming need for you. As you lay in the quiet of my bed my desire has found its destination inside of you, the warm thickened pool of your orgasmic liquid, steaming and waiting to be delivered to me. You feel me invading the secret place where your passion dwells. As I bathe in your steaming semen, I coat my desire in your thickened hot male fluid. My desire exults at the discovery of the well spring of your passion, it savors the creamy heat, stretching out and luxuriating in its spa like warmth.

Once my desire is ensconced in your salty – sweet man honey, my passion begins to delicately breathe my feminine heat into the pool of your cum, causing it to steam and bubble. The simmering pool steams and heats up and bubbles seeking a desperate path for relief.

My need is equally desperate; it has been warmed by the desire in me and grows in its intensity in the warm well of my own passion. I long to feel your cock inside me; I need to feel your cock inside me. I grasp the base of your shaft as I swing my thigh over your hip. Aiming the dart like tip of your cockhead at my target I situate myself over you. You are aimed at my wet open hole. I lower my pelvis onto your prong and lodge it in my pussy mouth. Slowly i lower my weight on it forcing it to part my lips and enter me. As I push I impale myself on your penis. My cunt swallows your shaft with the deftness of a sword swallower. You watch in ecstatic amazed agony as your prodigious cock disappears into my down covered vulva. Hungrily I suck your turgid member into my wetted canal. The sensation of being penetrated by you makes my anus flex and my nipples harden.

As my pussy lips grasp your shaft and hold it tightly in the pit of my vagina my desire wallows in the creamy heat of your male life force inside of me. My need for your liquid essence is total; I have claimed the warm wet depths of you. I now need to suck my prize from you as my grasping pussy inflicts paroxysms of ecstasy on you.

When I have drank deeply from the well of your sexual heat and my thirst is satisfied, my resolve to claim your erotic soul is fortified. My desire probes further into you seeking yet more in its conquest. It penetrates you, seeking all sexual territory it can. With exquisite and vulgar finesse, the hands of my desire grasp your quivering soul and gently squeeze it causing intense pleasure waves to wash over you and wrap you in ecstasy. Your cock throbs as your brain is ignited in a conflation of erotic need.

Soon you are filled by my need. You are no longer the master of your own sensations; you are a slave to my erotic desire. My desire is a tether that has extended itself into your penis and has wound its fingers around your most sensitive internal male organs, savoring the hot liquid reward it has found inside of you, luxuriating in the sensation of the warm cum running between my imagined fingers.

When my desire has slaked its need for your heat it begins to reel you in as if you are a fish caught by my hook. But unlike a fish, you do not fight my incessant pull. You surrender blissfully as my pussy mouth gently sucks on your shaft. I have found my prize deep inside of you and now I want it; I intend to claim it. You are in a stupor of erotic desire; you are tethered to me by your cock, it is deep inside me. My vagina holds you like a bean plant winds its tendrils around a rigid wooden stake. I am coiled around your stalk and I am holding you tenaciously. Your fate is sealed; your cock is trapped inside me as a fly is in a Venus fly trap.

You feel the sultry pleasure of my vagina milking the cum from your rigid penis. The cloying grip of my pussy has begun the beguiling process of sucking your honey into my pussy. I have hardened your penis and I am holding it in the tender vice like grip of my cunt. My desire is thirsty for the essence of your passion; it has been at the source of your passion and has tasted it. I now want to claim your thickened sweet cream.

I intend to draw the honey from you by holding and tugging your cock until it regurgitates it for me. Looking in your eyes I dare you to feel the salaciously insistent sensations that my hot cunt is wrapping your cock with. My pussy holds you inside me and coaxes you to release and merge your cum with mine as I relentlessly suck on your cock. Each sucking tug of your cock elicits a shudder and a gasp from you in sweet recognition of your orgasmic fate. My passion has rooted inside of you, growing and taking claim of the arousal in your pelvis, burrowing deeper and deeper into you, claiming more of you with each wave of pleasure you feel.

As my pussy holds your manhood and firmly squeezes it; the unrelenting erotic pressure causes you to cry out for sweet relief as the erotic power of my passion milks your aching spigot.

The sheer agony of your need to cum sets the steaming pool of semen inside you to bubble and roil in desperation, the pressure to release is excruciating. Your hot semen has reached its boiling point; it is ready to meet its destiny inside me. Soon you will relinquish it to me in blissful anguish to be deposited deep inside my pussy where I will savor it in my warm secret place. That destiny is drawing you closer and closer to me; you embrace me desperately in preparation for your release.

With your body and soul in my grip my passion wraps its fingers around your brain and makes you think of only one thing . . . . the sweet relief of being inside me and surrendering your load inside me. My desire is now in total control of both your body and your brain.

Laying on your back you look up at me with a look of confused elation. You know that you are helpless. We are linked by the tether of your cock inside me; my desire and passion are tenaciously holding your penis in our mutual desperate arousal.

Then with your breath coming in staccato gulps I feel you push your cock as deeply into me as it can go; I feel your cockhead kiss my womb and stir exquisite sensations inside my passion engorged pussy. I almost lose consciousness as the walls of my pussy contract on your stiffened stalk inside of me and waves of orgasmic rapture begin to reverberate in my pussy.

I savor the sensation of you being so deep inside of me; your cock shaft is forcing my pussy mouth to be as wide open to accommodate your girth as it could be. As I hold you still in the sweet grasp of my cunt, I am overwhelmed by my imminent orgasm. I lose control of my body. Silently and wordlessly my pussy begins to execute a carefully sequenced program of pleasurable contractions that make me cry out in agonized rapture as sweet orgasmic relief crackles and hisses deep in my cock stuffed cunt.

I surrender to the demands of my steaming vagina. My ears are filled with the rhythmic pounding of the drums of my convulsing ecstasy as my pussy pumps and contracts. The exquisite pounding pleasure consumes me; I grip your cock in my cunt and i hold it like a drowning woman desperately reaches for a life buoy. Your cock is my only connection to reality.

I have no choice but to give into the rhythm that reverberates through my cunt. I begin to dance a lurid dance that is as old as time; it is the dance of elation and deep satisfaction that I only feel in penetrative orgasm; an orgasm that is centered on your penis as it probes the steaming pit of my passion. The dance that causes waves of excruciating pleasure to wash into my vagina and makes my anus flex and spasm. At the same time it is a dance that is intended to claim my liquid prize from your cunt trapped cock. As I rise and fall in rhythmic waves of bliss I writhe and grind my pussy mouth on your spike deep inside me. My incessant convulsions of sweet relief are sucking you closer and closer to the edge of orgasm.

With each convulsive squeeze of my cunt on the human fountain that is embedded in my cunt you slowly lose your ability to withhold ejaculation. Each spasm of my orgasmic anguish elicits moans of waning orgasmic control from you. As I pull and tug and squeeze your cock in my merciless orgasmic convulsion, you grab the sheets in your fists and groan “oh my god . . . . fuck ….you are sucking my soul through my cock”. I can see the pending orgasm leaving your eyes as it exits your body through your cock. Your face is vacant as you feel the excruciating pleasure traveling down thru your body and getting channeled through the stalk that defines you as a man. As your cock pumps hard you fear that it cannot accommodate the load of hot ecstasy that you feel traveling inside of it. In your desperation you reach up and pull me down to you in an embrace of agonized pleasure. My tits flatten on your chest and our nipples touch. The contact of our nipples is like an electric shock in you.

The touch of our nipples flips a switch in you; you lose all your coordination and coherent thought. Explosive rapture was displacing any other feeling in you.

I had planted a smoldering ember deep in your cock root, it has ignited an incendiary blaze in you that was now beyond being extinguished. The urgent anguish of your orgasm forces you to push your cock deeply into my cunt as your fountain spews thick hot cream.

I push back down against you as my own anguished pleasure. The ecstasy that grips my vagina makes me grind it against you in a desperate attempt to suck your hot semen from you. You continue to push against my vagina, penetrating me and grinding your pubic bone against my pumping cunt. There is desperation in you; your desperate embrace reveals the depth of your need to pump your hot thickened pleasure into me.

Your eyes open wide as the orgasm spews your cum. You are consumed by the sweet fire of release. Your back arches and your hips shudder underneath me as your body stiffens. Your face reveals the confused elation of orgasm, then it suddenly transforms to a look of drunken ecstasy as the orgasm completes its task and ends in the divine warmth of euphoria.

As you piss your semen into me you shake, tremble and twist as you sing an agonizing song of orgasmic pleasure to me. I feel your cockhead swell and pump inside me in time to the anguish song you sing. The orgasm holds your anguished penis and sucks the cum from deep inside you and forces you to relinquish it to me; I accept your thick hot gift greedily.

Your anus contracts wildly with each orgasmic spasm that pumps your cum into me. At the same time the sweet tongue of my orgasm was lapping at my clit causing divine waves of rapture to surge in and out of my cock filled pussy.

The sweet relief of orgasm that made you piss ropes of your semen into my cunt, made a rich cocktail of our shared cum. The music I heard from you and felt inside me described the discreet threshold between agony and bliss. The echoing chords of my own orgasmic rapture transported me to an serenely erotic place in my mind.

My pussy unleashed a torrent of my love liquid onto your shaft coating it with a glaze of my lust. Then in an elegant surrender my pussy let go of your cock and my desire released its hold on you. I had what I needed from you. I collapse onto your chest with your softening cock still inside me. I kiss you tenderly and whispered in your ear in m hot breath the affirmation: “I love you”. You sighed and kissed me in return as your sloppy post orgasm softened penis popped out of my inflamed and sodden vagina. My creamy spending drooled from my now unplugged pussy lips, just as wine drools from the mouth of a lush.

It was over for now. But I know that some day soon we will lie in each other’s arms and I will have a chance to share my desire with you in person instead of in my fantasy.