New user report – my first few weeks

I am not new to anal play (I have dabbled before as I am straight but kinky) but I am new to the aneros line of products.

I have the MGX classic, the helix syn, and the Vice (I bought them all so I would have options)

So far no hands-free orgasms or anything crazy. Just some mild prostate pleasure, some super horniness, and some kickass penile orgasms.

The MGX fits just right but I dont like the way the hard plastic tab rubs me. The Helix is nice because of the material but I didn't feel much from it. The Vice is amazing but I am worried that if I spend too much time with that one, I won't get to the super-o.

should i buy another model? Which would be a good buy for my next one?



  1. I have achieved many superOs with my Vice. The key seems to be going slow at first (and toking some weed if you can). I avoid contact until I’m very aroused and then might touch just barely. Have fun!

  2. I wouldn’t know how to explain it "medically", but I can guess it’s a combination of the following: relaxes you, lowers inhibitions (even if you’re alone), makes you more receptive, makes you more sensitive, allows you to focus more on the pleasure rather than let your mind wander. Also, it makes me extremely horny, and I’ve seen a lot of people on /r/sex share that same thought, like [this post](, but I have no idea why.

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