The Mighty Super-O! (Sorry it’s long)

I finally created an account after lurking for a few years, i have wanted to for awhile and for some reason decided that i would wait untill i acheived the Super-O. Achievement Unlocked! I'll start by saying that i am in no way new to anal play (small town gay kid, not much to do haha) I bought my first Aneros (Progasm Jr) about 4 months ago and almost immediately got to the point of having P-waves and involuntaries which was fantastic, but i knew i could go higher and there was no way my sexual curiosity was going to let me stay complacent. I started trying all kinds of things starting with reading a lot on the forums and on reddit about what other people were doing. I tried laying on my back, side, stomach, doggy style, sitting in a chair, standing and breathing really deeply, standing against a wall, standing with one foot propped up on a chair, really hard contractions, really soft contractions, no contractions (do nothing method) Nothing was getting me over the edge so i said screw it and bought the Progasm Classic, i think its a full inch longer than the Jr but im not sure, and some different lube. The Progasm got me ever closer and i also started inviting the only girl i have ever had the hotts for to my sessions, Mary Jane. 1 week ago today as i sat at my desk i could just tell that tonight is the night. When i got home from work i did things around the house and played with my dog untill he fell asleep all the while i knew "tonight's the night" i headed to my room and as soon as my door shut i started ripping of my clothes lubed up and inserted Mr Progasm ( whom i nicknamed Grant by the way) and right as i laid down i realized that i had forgot to take a puff before i started so i reached for my dugout and took a couple big rips. i laid on my right side and just waited for the weed to take effect and right as i started to feel it i started with light contractions, then a little harder. the pressure started to build and i just focussed in on the feeling and kept steady on my contractions. Building, building holy, shit this feels good, my hands were running all over my body, everything was like it was amplified to the max, i was so in tune with what was going on with my body it was incredible. I noticed that i couldn't control my breathing, i was gasping from the pleasure that was coming from my ass, I knew i it wasnt a Super-O yet but remember "tonight's the night" The pleasure was still building and at this point i was already practically comatose, then all of a sudden my eyes (not kidding) rolled back into my head and i knew i was there. it was Absolutely insane, so much so that i had to grab a shirt from my bedroom floor to stick in my mouth to muffle the moans ( i have roommates) i dont know how long it lasted but it wasnt long enough so when it subsided i started contracting and no more than two minutes later i had to grab my shirt again. This went on for an hour, an hour of sheer drooling, eyes rolling, i cant beleive this is real pleasure, i was a slave to it after i couldnt take anymore i pulled it out and cleaned up and just sat in the afterglow of it, i didn't jerk off, i didnt need to, totally satisfied but i started thinking about how i had inserted Grant before taking a rip of pot and if this had anything to do with it so i tried again the next night, insert before inhale and same thing happend ( Holy shit where's my shirt?!?!) I did this 5 nights in a row, each session lasting longer than the night before and last night was able to do it without smoking any pot!. Does anybody else feel like it's a lot easier once you've had your first one? Anyway thanks for reading my first post but not last post about my first but definetly not last SUPER-O!!!!



  1. Congrats! Yes its easier to walk the path you’ve been down before. I do think marijuana had a huge effect in ‘getting there’ for me as well.

  2. Definitely. Once I had the first one, it wasn’t hard to get the next. I get them every time now. I don’t need weed, but it definitely helps a lot so I smoke every time as well. The first one I had one was the first time I smoked while giving it a try.

  3. In the past year and a half that I’ve been aware of the aneros and prostate play for super-O, hands free, etc, I’ve read a lot of information, threads, and experiences. And despite all they’ve said in various places, it seems the #1 common factor, whether explicitly stated, mentioned in passing, or awkwardly talked around, is Weed. Since weed is something I haven’t done in years and don’t have a direct connection to get, I feel like I’m missing out. But it is dramatic how often that seems to be the biggest factor, or at least the biggest factor for achieving the first time and knowing what to look for later.

  4. Well, not wanting to smoke nor not being able to shouldn’t stop you from trying something amazing.

  5. Oh, I’ve been definitely going on the journey and trying things and stuff without smoking, I’m just amazed at how much weed is mentioned now that I look back at what I’ve read and seen from people. I think at some point I’m going to try to get some pot brownies and try those with my sessions. But mostly I’m just remarking that it seems one of the bigger factors but less often mentioned as a big factor or downplayed.

  6. Congrats dude! I’ve only been able to achieve super-o once. I smoke weed every time and it alway enhances my experience. I think I get too caught up in correct technique but hopefully over time I’ll be able to get back to that place more easily!

  7. I tried it again last night but I didn’t quite get there, so I guess it’s not fool proof but hell 7 out of 8 tries is still a pretty good average!

  8. Yeah i guess you’re right, I think for me it just relaxes me but also makes me aware of the little sensations that go on

  9. Weed gave me the initial breakhrough and first few super-Os. Hell, before I even started using the aneros, wee used to let me have incredibly intense traditional Os. The most important thing it did was show me that this was really possible. However, there were downsides to it too. I could never remember the subtle feelings and details of what I was doing to get there, because my memory’s not the best when I’m high. Plus, I don’t really like to smoke it that much for various personal reasons, so depending on it to get there kinda sucked (especially if I had a few hours free, but had to do something after – couldn’t get high in that case). I worked hard at getting there without it, and it’s much better IMO. It’s hard to explain, but my mind being clear and lucid makes a huge difference in the range of pleasure and emotions I’m able to feel, and there’s something a little more mind-blowing about being able to do it without the assistance of a drug. If you can’t obtain weed easily, don’t worry about it and keep on practicing. Look into meditation, hypnosis, and associated breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. These are all ways of getting into a sort of "high" state, which is where you want to be to start having super-Os. I think what weed does is gives you a shortcut to get to the right mental state where you’re receptive to deeper levels of pleasure, but it’s very possible without it too.

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