Starting Notes

Figured I'd put my notes on my blog instead of in a Word file. These may be disjoint. Some just random.

Got a Helix about a week ago and just got a Vice (BEAST) yesterday.

I'm not sure yet what can be called a Mino/Micro-O, but I think I've experienced some of those. Am SURE I haven't seen any Super-Os yet!!

My Notes:
My first Orgasm type Experience )Just with Perineum Massage alone(

When I started chasing the big SO, I started out with prostate massaging for like 20 min then perineum massaging my sweet spot for another 20–30 min. Best I can tell, there’s a spot ON the north rim of my anus sphincter (my Button) that connects movements there straight to the prostate. And after a while of massaging/twiggling it, the whole ring of nerves there engorges and gets bigger and stiff (like the penis erecting, but of course on a much smaller scale..) Also there’s a point on the top of the perineum cord about an inch or so north of the “Button” which if pressed, greatly magnifies the connection to the prostate. So I end up doing a two finger salute to twiggle there.

So that was my perineum massage. Twiggling those two spots. Got lots of great feelings from the perineum massage, almost nothing from the prior prostate massage, and definitely nothing I could remotely call an orgasm let alone Super–O. So after getting nowhere that evening, I just stopped, rolled over and went to sleep.

Next morning was another matter though. I tried maybe 10 min of perineum massage, again with nice feelings, but no explosions. So I gave up again, consigning myself again to patience. Just after that (guess I had relaxed in my resignation…), my hand just grazed the bottom of my penis and boom!! My legs shot out, my body started convulsing with heavy breathing, and I lost my breath from the convulsions. Lasted maybe 5–8 seconds, and left me panting like I’d run a race, and just feeling good all over and peaceful. So I know I have had at least 1 Dry Orgasm! The question is whether any subsequent experiences are O’s or Mini-Os or Oreos…

Generally, I can either twiggle my two perineum spots and/or nipples and feel the prostate–like good–feeling potential, then lean into convulsions and they start at low level.

My question can these be orgasmic convulsions. They’re not involuntary – I can definitely stop ‘em. And I can’t just start manually convulsing and keep it up with the great feelings. I have to get the prostate–like feelings first, then I can lean into the convulsions/twitching, and they start. If I lose my focus on the prostate–feelings, they stop. So, I’m hoping it’s actually some form of orgasm.

So Got the Helix couple days ago…

Anyway, this evening, I tried the third day in a row to get some orgasmic response from my fresh out of the box Helix. First two evenings, didn’t use enough lube, and got some nice prostate feelings from the real prostate, but no–joy with involuntary convulsions nor did I experience that feeling from perineum massaging that would allow me to lean into start convulsions. So did the “must require patience” thing again.

Then just an hour ago, I had a RARE private–alone time at home, and figured I’d try again. This time I used a light layer of Vaseline on the Helix, and maybe a teaspoon of congealed Coconut oil pieces I loaded into my rectum. Then I inserted the Helix and just tried to enjoy the feelings for maybe 20 min. Had some nice feelings of the Helix rubbing across the prostate inside. Though still frustratingly No–Joy. So on a lark, I tried twiggling my anus sphincter spot while leaving the Helix inserted. BINGO! After a few minutes started getting the EXTRA–strong Good prostate connection vibes with every twiggle.

I just relaxed and started enjoying the Helix prostate movement and the good perineum energy. Just let go and before long found the pleasure in thrusting back and forth and some convulsions and just moving around to follow the pleasure. Just kept getting stronger and consistent. Stopped a couple times to try different positions and could resume. Eventually settled on my back with knees up or right leg bent and held off the ground.

Started really thrusting and felt so good to moan little bit. Every one of these just kept getting stronger and I kept letting go into it. Eventually after about 5 min, I was moaning breathing hard and bouncing and wriggling. My dick was banging off my legs so much I thought for a minute it would break my concentration, but then I focused again, and just stayed in the really good feeling and twitching/thrusting groove. Maybe over 20 minutes.
I sort of came down from it and then tried again successfully for another 5 min.

After that, I just sort of tired out and stopped. JUST then I heard a door downstairs and “helloo”, as my family walks in the house …!!!!! $$%%%####

Oh, well, that’s life and I love it. But, I’m hoping this was at least an O. At least whatever it was, it felt great, and I hope to do it again sometime… Soooo few times of privacy! I saw where one guy on the forum wrote that he could only get privacy in a hotel while on a business trip. I can sadly relate to that!!

For me, at this point, looks like a little help pushing my perineum button saved the day. I’m thinking I should be able to get to not having to do that. I just read some reference to re–wiring the brain, so maybe I’m on the road to that. I can at times, wherever I am, remember the good feeling from prostate twiggling, and can lean into some orgasmic like convulsions. I Even experience them now if I let myself, while laying relaxed in the sauna. I think it’s funny that I’m sitting there in the sauna enjoying the heat and peace and the little orgasm convulsions while others are just enjoying the heat.

Next morning:

The following morning I got up and started making coffee. As I was moving around in the kitchen, I had some kind of memory of the feeling of the Helix rubbing my prostate. A little light went on about not needing the aneros, so I focused on it and started breathing and contractions and I had Mini–O right there in the kitchen with clothes on, including the rock hard erection. Wondered if the penis rubbing inside my shorts had anything to do with the erection, so I went to another room with a door and took my shorts off )commando(. Took a minute to find that prostate rub memory as the room was cooler and it was distracting, but found it and had another short Mini–O with hard dick.

So. This is getting interesting.

The problems I’m experiencing so far:

• #1 – Privacy. I temporarily live in a home with 3 others. One has nowhere to go, and I wouldn’t be able to get in the zone if anyone could hear the bed shaking, let alone pleasure moaning sounds…

• I apparently need to use internal lube, and I haven’t found the right one yet. Two sea–shell pieces of Coconut oil works GREAT for pleasurable feelings, BUT, Can't leave cleanup in the wastecan or *stinks* to high heaven the next day.

• After using internal lube last night, someone came home just after I was done with a Dry–Orgasm. I was in my room trying to clean up so I could join them, but when I pulled the Helix out, a bunch of the smelly lube squirted out and onto the floor behind me from a small latent fart. OOOHHHHH YYUUUCCCCKKKKKK! So I had to clean that up which took more time….

So when with internal lube, the question is how to get rid of any extra, instead of letting it fart its way or dribble its way out after you’ve put clothes back on. Only thing I can do now it sit on the pot and hope I fart it out, or run to the john if I need to fart until it comes out. (for a Day or so).

This afternoon, I had another hour+ of privacy, so figured I’d try again.

Yeeha!! Used thin layer of Vaseline, then coconut oil. Inserted 1 shell in my anus for first 30 min, then re–libed Helix with a gel and inserted another shell of hard coconut oil.

Had another 2 less intensive dry–O’s. For the first time, I started to feel the warm good feeling expand from my prostate to my whole groin and lower abdomen. Got hard dick and heavy breathing. Afterward, was breathing heavily and lightly heaving like I’d been sprinting. Was a little moaning, but starting almost laughing too.

One of the problems with keeping focus was that my dick and balls were swinging back and forth so much that they were banging my legs and distracting me, and I had to re–focus back on feeling the prostate move.

Heard on line that you need to “lift the groin muscles up, and then purse the butt cheeks” for the contraction. Was doing the butt cheeks, but notice there’s a different feeling when I try to “lift” the groin, rather than contract the anus and rectum. Lifting produces a stringer fuller response.

Also my body started flushing – and feeling warm. Maybe due to the breathing. Kept falling into a breathing pattern with the convulsions. Again the convulsions didn’t seem totally involuntary, but they were only possible when the prostate feeling was there.

For first time, I really noticed I can now feel the Helix rubbing back and forth over the prostate. Started out I could just feel it occasionally soo softly, then became more pronounced. Noticed that if I lean my legs over 45 degrees to one side, I can MUCH better feel the rubbing against the prostate.

Seems that I need to use enough lube. I also seem to need internal lube or it feels like the Helix doesn’t move freely.

Another problem seems that the Helix doesn’t extend back into the rectum far enough. When I pull the circular tab up to drop the head, and push the Helix down inside far as it will go, then let go of the handle, and let the head float up toward the prostate, it retracts out past the prostate, and I really feel the nice feeling as it rubs against the whole prostate. So I think I could use just a little bit longer device…

NOT SURE though how that would affect sitting with the thing in. Understand the rectum is 8 in long, so another half inch shouldn’t hurt anything, but don’t know what the downsides of even ½ in longer would be.

Ordered Vice from Amazon, which is a little longer than a Helix and contains a vibrator. It’s longer and you can use it without the vibrator or without it turned on. One guy said the vibrator was distracting, and I know I’ve felt the same thing when I was trying a toothbrush vibration on the perineum. Anyway, without the vibrator, I understand the Vice is more flexible, and should work as just a longer device.

One guy said he fell asleep with the Vice inside, and woke up super–O’ing 3 hours later.

The Vice arrived yesterday. It is a ***BEAST***.

Took a full minute to insert without ripping my ass in two. Had to REALLY relax. Took 30 seconds the second time, and the third time there was no stretching pain but I just had to go slower. Had same amount of lube each time. Maybe something stretched.

From the moment it went in, I finally knew where my prostate was AND where the tip of the Vice was. Though in hindsight, I replaced it with the Helix an hour later, and now I could feel where the Helix was too… Prostate awakened?

This morning, I can STILL feel where the prostate is!!!

Did some rectum/anus contractions, and stretches, and think I came to part of an orgasm, but under control. Breathing, the pleasure wave, holding contractions and letting them linger, thrusting feelings.

After that, had another micro–O from massaging testicals with contractions.. Pushing testicals from perineum side with my fingers up toward the head of my penis over and over… pressing down lightly on the spermatic cords, and massaging the testicals and cords.

, and another smaller one from massaging my abdomen just above the penis.

Then I was done and got up.

It's a Wonder to feel my prostate all the time. I can just do unseen contractions and feel the skin pressuring against it. Nice, very subtle pleasure wave. Glad I don’t know how to get into a Super–O with involuntary contractions at this time!!! Gotta remember not to do that in the car or in the co–ed sauna… :-(

The BEAST! Have An issue with the Vice – I put a thin layer of Vaseline on it, and oil over that, but when I took it out after half hour to check lube, it looked like it was dry, )but didn’t feel dry( This silicon skin will take some time to figure out how to lube for. A thin layer of Vaseline stays on the Helix forever and keeps the poop smells from adhering… Gotta figure out how to do that with the Vice.

I think I now feel like the guy on the TV commercial for some penis enhancment product, who’s got a stupid silly smile on his face 24/7 after using their product…:–)

Trying to figure out if I have any friends I can tell why I'm smiling…