1. Used astroglide water lube. I even made a second application after I pulled it out and made sure there was enuf. Was weird also as i left it there it kept trying to slide out or felt like I was poopin

  2. Feeling like you were poopin’ is almost the right feeling at first, in my experience. That should go away after you get more comfortable with it in. Burning on the other hand…that doesn’t sound right.

  3. I gave a second run and it wasnt there. I really dont know if im doin it rite. I can contract and hold, sometimes feelin my body shaking or spazzinf but it doesnt feel pleasuravle or orgasmic. Tried to breath and focus on sensations just lacked any pleasure

  4. Ah! Yeah, you need to give it a lot of time! Just stick it in and watch a lot of porn or think of a lot of things to turn you on. Give it a good hour before things start to happen. It’s not like a dildo where you can get off really fast. This is something to try on a long night. Patience is your friend here.

  5. How do i also know if its in the right spot. I know the tip is smooth but it felt blunt or grinding against whatever at the back. Should contractions be done after waiting an hour or slowly throughout? Btw thanks for helpin newbie here

  6. I think you’ll know when it’s the right spot, because you’ll feel it. Some people say it makes them feel like they need to pee. To me, it gives me a tingling feeling, but it definitely feels very different from just something hitting a different part of your butt. And, you should try to contract slowly throughout. Eventually, it’ll start feeling better and better, but it really takes time! It helps if you haven’t cum in a long time and you’re very horny to begin with.

  7. More than anything, be patient. There are stories of people who took years to get the Aneros thing down, so give it a few months at least. Peruse the Aneros wiki and forums. There’s a lot of contradicting information so you might need to try a few different approaches. Finally, try not to get hung up on achieving any particular sensation or result and just enjoy the moment. Worrying about escalating the pleasure, or how hard/often you should be contracting, or whether you’re doing it wrong is the antithesis of where you want your head to be.

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