Is anyone here locked in chastity?

I am a newbie to all of this but my first Aneros is coming on Tuesday. I have been reading and researching but I can't wait to really get to try! I read that it helps to abstain from ejaculatory orgasm but I am wondering if this seems to be most people's experience? I personally am locked in a chastity cage for my girlfriend 24/7 and I am wondering if my extended denial may help me in my Aneros journey! I have a very cheap prostate stimulator but I have not had a serious amount of pleasure with it, hence the reason for starting my Aneros journey.



  1. This is a long journey for many people, don’t expect results on the first try. Depending on how horny you become, abstaining can help a lot. Read the guide thoroughly.

  2. Just bought it last week and I get the huge urge/expectation/excitement. I too have read that no ejac orgasms help enhance the experience but then again this journey varies

  3. I am not in chastity, however I do find that wearing a jock strap with the aneros helps keep me focused on my prostate. If my cock is flopping around too much I find it distracting.

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