Aneros and Weed

I've seen how weed is consistently mentioned as one of the best tools to help you get to the Super-O, but nobody mentions many details. So say you were in Colorado, where weed is legal. How much weed would you smoke to use the aneros, just a puff, a whole bowl? Would you smoke before or after insertion? Would you smoke indica or sativa?

Feel free to mention other little details about getting there. I've often wondered, for example whether it would be better to be well rested and energetic, or to do it post work-out.



  1. I’ve found that the more I smoke, the more intense the experience is. Anywhere from a small puff to a huge bong rip works. Sativa is the way to go IMO.

  2. Sativa before, indica after. Have the indica packed and ready so you can just relax after.

  3. I had my first super-o with weed, don’t know what strain though :/

  4. Insert before Inhale, Put your Aneros in take a rip and wait untill you are starting to feel high then start with your normal contractions. This is what I do and it hasnt failed me. I actually put my Progasm in and wait untill some involuntary twitching starts before i smoke and I usually withold from weed all day before i go for a ride.

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