Holy shit, it happened…

My SO and I were fooling around last night… I'd bought her a Doxy a few weeks back and she's still getting used to it. I figured it would be as good of a time as any to try using the Progasm I've had for a year or so with her. I'd only previously tried using it on my own and never gotten any further than just the feeling of having really intense masturbatory orgasms with it inserted.

Up until now I've only used it with hand stimulation and never had any actual hands-free orgasms ever. Ever.

Well, last night we get it inserted and she asked how it was supposed to work, natural motion, yada-yada-yada, and I just told her to jiggle it around slightly. She started rubbing me off and moving it around at the same time and there was a moment where I had a disconnect and it was like she was doing two things to me at the same time. I was being jerked off and then there was what was going on in my prostate.

I went through a full cycle feeling of having my prostate massaged and it peaked with an orgasm, and I did not cum. I was just in shock over what happened. My SO was kind of meh to the announcement of what happened "this is normal for girls!" but I wanted to do it again. She was a little non-plussed over this idea, she was more focused on getting me to cum since it was getting late.

We will be trying this again in the future. I wasn't high on anything or anything.

After I orgasmed, I convulsed and felt super warm and REALLY dizzy (I hyperventilate easily) and was still hard and wanting to cum. I just cannot express how awesome that whole sensation is and for anyone who's not yet experienced it, I wish you all the luck you seek in finding that right spot.

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