Aneros session, April 12, 2015

Hi guys,

Earlier this morning I had a session that lasted about 2.45 hours. One could say that it was heavy duty, but it wasn't because all my Aneros models filled me with pleasure, and afterward produced the afterglow of continuing, vibrant Aless!

I need to get back to Eupho Classic more and more. It penetrates deeply and reaches along the entire length of my prostate and even around it. Also Eupho Classic dances when I Aneros. However this morning, it was perhaps more aggressive then usual.

I like Helix Classic more because it delivers a more robust, yet a slightly lesser massage action. Helix Classic has become a mainstay in my sessions, also big bruiser Progasm Classic which I adore. Sometimes I Progasm Classic in men who are unavailable [generally] for sex. They are the DILF's = DADS I would LIKE to FUCK, or DADS I would LIKE them to FUCK me. The dads I have in mind are married men and fathers with children. I knew such a one at a coffeehouse I used to frequent, and what I experienced was an unrequited love which caused me weeks of heartache and weeping. I am "older and wiser" now, Progasm Classic continues to teach me important lessons about self-loving and proper care of my body and psyche.

Tempo continues to star in most of my sessions. Tempo, I consider as a pair of dumbbells for weight training and toning of my anal musculature.

Helix Classic, Progasm Classic, and Tempo performed admirably this morning. I get weak-kneed when I think of these three models and what they do for me. I hope to use them again tomorrow.

But it was Maximus that was the star in this morning's session. Maximus slips in all so easily to the hilt and reaches along the entire length of my prostate and even beyond to vasa deferentia. I must have spent thirty or more minutes with Maximus, lost in pleasure!

Finally during this morning's session, at least parts of it, I stimulated my glans gently in various ways, often kneading it. Stimulating of my glans has a way of fueling the intensity of Aneros sessions.

I hope to have a repeat performance tomorrow morning for sure!

Take care!