This time it did something inside my butt

After a couple lackluster sessions with my Helix Syn, which I got a few months ago, I was starting to lose motivation with my purchase. I'd always get a little but of pleasure out of it, but would always end up finishing myself off through masturbation.

After hearing about the Aneros again recently, i decided to give it another shot. I spent a good amount of time on my back, tickling away and try to relax before insertion. I couldn't get it in very far, even though I was expectant; it felt like pushing it further would be painful, so I resorted to getting on my side, and managed to push it up to the middle of the toy, after the larger of the bumps. I then focused of my breathing, trying to forget everything but that slightly cool surface inside of me. Eventually, I started feeling tiny movements, and began contracting to about 1/4th of my maximum (my PC and BC muscles are well developed so it wasn't a problem). Then I got into it and started to rock my pelvis forward, clenching around the Aneros harder until the sensation evoked the soreness of an orgasm, gradually increasing, and I kept going, definitely aware that my breathing had turned to sharp gasps timed with my rocking and contracting. I finally started shuddering all over, which I would classify as my first orgasm; it felt more like a wave overtaking me than a discharge experienced through a penile orgasm, but it still felt like it could be greater still. It was late, though, so after recuperating I finished off wth the same motion while masturbating. My penis felt completely secondary, but I still had a god damn mess to clean up afterwards.

So there. I'm happy I tried it again, and will again in the future!


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