Super O and Ejaculation

Today in Chat a few of us compared the sensation of wet ejaculation orgasm and dry Super O’s. I personally am a convert. Super O orgasms are infinitely more pleasurable than an ejaculation is to me. However there are some common feelings that erect my penis by just thinking and writing about them here.

There is a difference in the hunger I experience to have an MMO orgasm. When I crave a prostate orgasm the desire manifests itself deep in my anus. It is a twitching tingling sensation in me, left un sated it will slowly grow to become an insistent throb. I have gotten to the point now that I recognize the sensation of my prostate erecting; the throb I feel is my prostate hardening and filling with blood. With a cock arousal I feel a heaviness tugging on my rigid erected shaft . It seems to dwell deep in my cock root, throbbing and aching in frustration.

To launch A Less MMO’s I need to be fully nude. There is something about nudity and exposure that inspires my arousal and rapid launch. Oftentimes when I travel and I am staying in a hotel and there is an opportunity to leave curtains open so someone might see me on the bed writhing naked in ecstasy, my arousal will elevate and push the MMO to great heights. I have been watched a few times by men and women. To trigger the MMO to start I need to be erect; most of the time I will be erect and ready to launch but if I am not a nice juicy fantasy or a tug or two on my cockhead will get me there.

To start I usually prefer pressing the underside of my glans on a soft mattress. I have a couple of pieces of cock jewelry that are bracelets; they sit encircling my cock just behind my coronal ridge. My favorite one has a bead that sits right in the cleft under my cock head. If I put the cock bracelet on and press it against the soft sheets of the bed it is provides a slightly irritating but very pleasurable pressure under my cockhead that feels exquisite. Within minutes my anus will be convulsing sending gentle waves of pleasure rolling into my anal canal making my anus open and close as if gulping to swallow orgasmic sensation. When those waves reach my prostate they encircle it and make it vibrate and chime in sweet echoes of pleasure. The longer the waves persist the more intense the pleasure becomes. After ten minutes or more of pleasure waves the intensity of the ecstasy deep in my anal canal reaches such a fevered pitch my prostate then takes over. The pleasure waves then disappear and I experience deep rapid fire convulsions of my prostate. The super o buries itselfin my pelvis squeezing pleasure and precum from me in equal measure.

As soon as my prostate is fully engaged in the super o the control of the session is out of my hands. I will often times roll onto my back and enjoy the sight of my cock lurching in a lewd dance of uncontrolled ecstasy. As my cock twitches and jerks long strings and drops of pre cum roll from my cock slit. The rhythm of the MMO at this point will modulate from fast rapid fire to syncopated irregular throbs punctuated by thrilling spasms of bliss. Sometimes when they seem to go into a lull I will tweak and nipple and gently press on the bead under my frenulum. The combimnation is like throwing gasoline on a fire. The MMO will flare causing my anus, perineum, cock and prostate to scream in agonizing euphoria.

The other way that I launch is in my wife’s ass. Sometimes I MMO in her ass while she is awake and sometimes when she is dozing or sleeping. My wife has a very shapely derriere. She is tall at 6’ even, and she weighs 130 lbs. Her figure has always been 34-26-38. Her tits are elegantly shaped as is her derriere; she has a perfect heart shaped rear that is firm and strong. When I spoon her I get erect immediately and will almost always be dripping before my cock head even touches her hot anal opening.

She will curl her body slightly which presents her derriere to me. I have learned exactly how far down her body I need to be so that my cock head will lodge in her anus if I dock her. Sliding my erection between her cheeks I seek her opening. I can usually sense the heat and softness of her anal ring when I dock. The sensation of her anus kissing my cockhead immediately sends my anus into spastic machine gun uncontrolled spasms. It is so arousing for me to launch in her anus I will ramp up to intense super os in a matter of a few minutes. If I reach around and caress her tit in my palm and I feel her nipple harden my mmo responds in thrilling flares of anguished euphoria. The sensation deep in my anus is so intense I have to force myself to breathe.

The sensation of penetration by my Tempo is very different than an A Less orgasm. The satiation of anal hunger by the cold hard intrusion of the tempo will sometimes make me whine in anguished pleasure. Only an Aneros User can understand the exquisite satisfaction of feeling the Aneros touch that magic – secret spot deep inside me. During Aneros penetration I have my most lurid fantasies of male – male sex, usually that I am being fucked by someone I know or have seen recently or have chatted with.

My Tempo is my preferred instrument because I can use to sustain orgasms for up to two hours. After the first twenty minutes my anus accommodates the Tempo and I don’t feel it inside me anymore. All I feel is the glowing nugget of pleasure that radiates from the place where the bulbous end of the Tempo is pressing on my prostate. That pressure detonates batteries of orgasmic contractions that harden my nipples and make them tingle and twitch. Direct pleasure on my prostate is hard wired to my nipples. Nipple stimulation with penetrative Aneros orgasms will drive be into excruciating rapture.

When I have done several days of MMOs with no ejaculation I am usually so horny I desperately need a release. I could masturbate myself to seek the relief I crave but I have found that my most intense masturbatory orgasms occur when J does them to me. I think it is a combination of factors that cause explosive ejaculations when she does me. Part of it is my exhibitionist tendency. I love being naked for her, showing off my erect cock. I alos love seeing her delicately feminine hand wrapped around my shaft and seeing her finger tip sliding up my cleft to capture drooling pre cum. I love to see my big bulbous cock head emerging from her fist wrapped around my shaft. I love looking into her eyes as I feel the desperation of building arousal tightening in my anus and tensing my perineum. I can feel it creeping up my shaft as the urgency and intensity grows.

In the moments before release I will look into her eyes in dazed confusion acknowledging in my anguished face that my climax is imminent. I love the look of pleasure on her face as she knows she is going to coax me to release for her.

In the milliseconds before I ejaculate I see my cockhead swell gently and shudder as I feel the itching agony of semen welling in my penile bulb deep in my cock root. The sensation that grips my cock just before I shoot is sweet agony. Then I feel the shuddering contraction that starts the orgasm deep in my anus and my prostate pumps the load out. It squeezes hard, sometimes twice before J is rewarded with the sight of cum spewing from my cockslit; when I cum my cockslit opens wide to accommodate the mass of my cum flow. I deliver very heavy loads after all these years of MMO. I will typically piss a thick rope of opaque white cum in a stream that is followed by another heavy string before the first one subsides. The longer I go between ejaculations the thicker and whiter my cum is.

The thing that makes ejaculation so intense is watching her eaction as I cum for her. Seeing her hand and feeling her hand holding my hypersensitive cock as I squirt for her is a huge turn on for me. I love watching her watching me cum. She has masturbated me for years yet she never gets tired of seeing me spew semen.

I guess I can say that comparing ejaculation and MMO is like comparing apples and oranges. I like them both but I also like fruit salad.