Day One with my Helix syn!!

While I did wind up just going for a super-T instead of the O, I still think it was a very productive session and I learned a lot. First off, getting it in was easy had no problem there. But while I was very much prepared physically…mentally I wasn't all there. I feel like I rushed into things. I wasn't as turned on as I thought I was and I was having trouble focusing. I would focus on my breathing and timing it with my contractions and then try to focus on the massaging and how it felt. I would go back and forth and lose concentration. The times when did get things timed perfect I would get too excited, speed up and lose it!! And also I had trouble finding a position I liked.
Like I said overall I learned a lot from this attempt and am ready to go back at it another day. One more thing, I was using Astroglide and it seemed to work well but I'm not sure if I just need more, maybe had too much (i had maybe half to a whole tsp inside and then enough to cover the toy) or that i should try another lube. Any suggestions?



  1. Relaxation and focus are two different things: the former is done at the beginning, to get your body used to something inside of it. For that latter: what I’ve found works best for me is to try to focus on how the toy feels inside. Particularly, try to visualize it hitting against your prostate, even if you can’t feel "it". It’ll build up as the session progresses. You’ve said it already, but it’s important not to rush, at least until you’ve gone all the way. That way, you’ll know how the sensations build up and learn to play with them. Regarding the lube, I used to have a water-based ID Glide lubricant (shipped with my Helix Syn), but I always felt it would have more difficulty moving about 15 minutes into the session, and that killed my focus. Earlier this week, I switched to coconut oil (I use it for my skin, and figured why the hell not), and I really like the change so far. Granted, I’ve only had one session with it.

  2. I will definitely be using coconut oil next time. I have plenty of that. How much did u use? And as for focusing on how it felt inside that’s how I started this first time and the waves started building buttt I got too excited and fucked it up lol. Next time I’ll get it! Do you do the laying on your side position?

  3. I wouldn’t be able to tell you the exact quantity. I make sure the toy is covered in it (read: dripping), and put a bit inside, whatever’s left on my fingers at that point, about one or two knuckles deep. I tried both laying on my side in a sort of fetal position, and on my back. I found that insertion is the easiest with the former, and I typically stick with it until I lay on my back go for the inevitable wank at the end of the session. The problem with laying on your back is that it’s difficult to prevent the base of the Aneros from rubbing against something. When I go for the wank at the end though, I’m turned on enough that I actually like the extra bit of pressure. Can’t blame you for losing focus, I tried the toy three or four times and screwed up all those times that way in the beginning, before forgetting about it for a few months. Keep with it, just remember to give your body a couple days’ break before you try again!

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