Status Check: How to Take it Further

Hello there, Helix Syn user here. A couple weeks ago, I posted this. I figured I'd post an update and see if someone out here had any advice on how to get past what I consider to be the "middle point" of the Aneros journey.

I've gotten to the point where I'll feel the urge to have a session at night, and insertion is easy (I've recently switched to coconut oil in place of a water-based lubricant, which my butt apparently likes to absorb at ludicrous speeds, making the toy's movement unpleasant after 30 minutes). I need less time to relax, and can typically feel the tiny sensations as I breathe out, which build up anticipation. Medium contractions, previously with a thrusting motion with my hips, now without thrusting, bring me the "dull" inside sensation I now associate with my prostate being stimulated. And these contractions start building up a gradually increasing wave, that sometimes diminish in intensity, but that I can bring back.

This wave centers itself near my prostate, and quickly progresses to my abdomen and legs, then chest, then my head and arms a bit, until all I can feel is that wave and the quaking of my muscles. My mouth uncontrollably opens to accommodate for my shallower breathing, and then the wave recedes. The pleasure peaks for about 5 seconds before coming down, but I can't help but feel like there should be "more". A penile orgasm, for instance, feels more like a "discharge" of the pleasure you've accumulated; in this case, it feels like it plateaus right before, even though the pleasure is incredible. I guess I'd classify it as dry orgasm? I'm not entirely sure, it's all new to me.

So, wise men of r/aneros, I kneel before you in askance of advice. Practice makes perfect, I know; but is there anything that helped you get over that plateau? After that kind of orgasm, my typically feel like the muscles around my prostate, if that makes any sense, are too sore, like a refractory period of sorts, even though the pleasure is still there if I keep going. So, I typically end it with a good old-fashioned wank.



  1. >A penile orgasm, for instance, feels more like a "discharge" of the pleasure you’ve accumulated; in this case, it feels like it plateaus right before, even though the pleasure is incredible. I know the feeling you’re talking about. It’s not an orgasm (from what I can tell, at least), but it’s almost one. Keep trying, you’ll eventually get over the edge. It will feel like a "discharge" as well, but imagine how much more potent it will be given the feelings you’re already feeling. You’ll know it’s an orgasm when you have it. I used to get "tired" as well when I’d plateau and didn’t orgasm yet. After the orgasm though, that didn’t happen anymore. As far as advice goes… just keep trying, you’ll get there. It’s boring advice, but it’s the best one. Good luck! Edit: I second the other comment that suggests you smoke weed.

  2. I don’t have any help for you…just posting to say that you’re not alone! I’m in the same boat right now. Heh…may need to take a trip to Colorado to score some legal weed and try it again!

  3. Thank you for the encouragement! I’ll definitely keep going. It’s reassuring knowing I’m doing it the right way, at least. I’m not into smoking at all. I’m okay with it taking more time, I’ll be patient.

  4. I’m not sure if this applies — But I’ve gone through exactly what you’re talking about. I started without any device whatsoever, so, this might be a bit off. I only just recently bought an aneros vice, because I had no idea there were tools to do what I was doing on my own. I’m both excited and terrified of what the Vice will do, knowing what I’ve done without it… You have to let go of the thought of orgasming so hard that the pleasure stops. You are not there for a cliff. You are there for that throbbing reflex. For the highs and lows. For the enjoyment of the ride. The ride is your reward. For me, I don’t focus on trying to get to that feeling. I just focus on the feeling of the motions, like an automatic reflex. I try and null my thoughts enough to forget what my muscles are doing. I let muscle memory nudge them along. Your body’s automation helps. But acting those motions is not my goal. My goal is to focus on what I’m feeling. Not to focus on what I’m accidentally creating. When you start to plateau, it’s a little disorienting. Because it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the new feeling, and to start worrying about what to do next. That’s not it! You’re totally there, and you have all the tools. I want you to imagine and **think** about what that pulse feels like **even more** while it’s going on. The more you imagine it while edging along, the more your body will take off. If you’re getting sore or tired, I wonder if maybe you’re over-exaggerating your muscle movements — and that’s doable if you have the energy for it. If you dial down how much energy you’re exerting and think about the feeling more, it might offset how much work you have to do. Your prostate knows that reflex, It’s the same reflex it uses during orgasm (hence why it’s "dry"). Don’t focus it being about muscles. Trick yourself into thinking it’s about something happening **to** you — and think about that feeling more while you glide along. You’ll gradually glide higher and it’ll eventually feel like you’re hanging in ecstasy. You can dip in and out of compensating with more muscle force to sustain a plateau, but I find it gets tiresome to do for a long time. I offset that with sexy thoughts and focusing on the feeling to retain my strength. Imagining someone sexy to associate with the feeling helps in your mind to distract you when you’re starting to plateau. It’s more of an incessant teasing if you focus on what it feels like while accidentally nudging it along. PS> This is making me so horny just describing this!

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