1. I haven’t gotten any major results yet with my two models. I used the Helix and felt it didn’t do much so I got the Progasm. I am not kidding, I blushed a little the first time I saw my Progasm in person after being used to look at the Helix. I have only used it a couple of times, but it feels like that one is far more likely to get the job done.

  2. >The only sensation I get from my Helix Does this imply you get sensation from something else? Chances are, size isn’t the issue. I went up from a Helix to a Progasm and then to a sirius in pursuit of feeling something, yet after all that my first results were thanks to the Helix. There’s a reason that one of the newbie milestones is "No longer believing that *"…this model doesn’t fit me…"*". That said, they aren’t hugely expensive, so if worrying about the size is distracting you, it might be worth investing in a larger one just to put your mind at rest. It certainly allowed me to rule out the size being an issue. Edit: Oh, and stop clenching so hard. I’d argue you don’t need to clench at all, but voluntary ones shouldn’t need to be anything more than gentle.

  3. I get more results from "clenching out" rather than a regular clench. I just try to let it relax as much as possible, then "clench" SUPER LIGHTLY to get the sphincter pressure back to "resting." I have no idea if this makes any sense…

  4. I just wanted to update this thread and say the results I’ve been getting with my Progasm Ice have been pretty great over the last couple of weeks, so if the price of one is relatively trivial to you, I’d recommend one regardless.

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