Im new, and I feel like I might be doing it wrong?

Im temporarily using soap (Or nothing) as lube, and I feel a slight discomfort with inserting and that is all. Once in I feel nothing bad, but Im also not feeling anything that would be on my prostate? I can manually stimulate my prostate by using my hand to move the Helix, but I cant with my anus muscles. Which brings me to the main question.

How should I be using the Helix? Should I clench my anus or use the muscles that would stop me from peeing mid stream (they also affect my anus muscles but in a different way). Is the lack of lube why Im not feeling anything?

Also, I know lube is important, I havent gotten any yet unfortunately.



  1. I’ve used vasoline for years. Works great and doesn’t break down.

  2. Soap sounds like it’ll hurt like crazy! People have been suggesting coconut oil if you can’t get lube. I’m getting ready to test it out. Sounds good to me. I’m finding that flexing the pee muscles has been better at the beginning, but when I get excited, I start clenching my butt muscles because it feels great pulling it in further that way. Of course, that may be totally contrary to getting a super-O. I don’t know though because I’m still working on that! 🙁

  3. Coconut oil is great. I used to use water-based lube but it would eventually dry out inside me, which made removal uncomfortable. Coconut oil is amazing.

  4. I like the idea! Plus, I’ll smell like I just spent the day on the beach or something, too!

  5. The kind I’ve bought has no smell, which to me is a good thing.

  6. Firstly, get lube. Secondly, you don’t necessarily need to clench at all (the "do nothing" method), but if you do, it’s the muscles that would stop you from peeing that you want, and you want to do it *gently*.

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