Still blocked

Things got worse.

Its been several days now since I have been able to 'cross over' into an orgasm. I can still bring on good feelings but I'm getting less and less inclined to even try now because it's so disappointing and I expect failure. Today I have only tried a couple of times. I have posted on the forum and had some reassuring comments but it's my problem and no-one can really help.

I have been very low about this. The last time I can remember feeling anything like this was when I split from my first girlfriend and I had huge pangs of loss seeing anything that reminded me of her. I feel like that reading about peoples successes on here or when I think about my experiences last week. That alternates with feelings of positivity that I can do it or simply just trying to forget about it.

This is truly psychological. I can do everything else and get so close I'm actually slipping into an orgasm but my mind sabotages it every time. I get to the point of starting to shake, I feel as if the feelings are spreading, I keep breathing into it, and last week and would have been off on a super-O, now I have a feeling that it's not going to happen and it doesn't.

I have lots of theories for why I am blocked, or it could be a combination:

1( I went too far too fast and I need to re-wire and my body isn't ready to continue its journey yet.

2( I got too tired and exhausted, and I have had a cold with laryngitis for the last few days, should I really be expecting to get anywhere?

3( A more mysterious explanation )see my forum posts( I started seeing spirits after my first really big super-O. Maybe I have given myself a shock, or just gone too far spiritually and for some reason I'm not allowing myself to go there again, or something/someone else maybe my guardian angel is protecting me for some reason.

4( It's just totally psychological and I'm panicking, over thinking, and just getting myself into a state and until I calm down nothing is ever going to happen.

5( I experienced amazing things. My expectations are too high, so again I'm set up for failure.

6( I feel guilty about it after all it's completely selfish personal pleasure.

It most likely a combination of the above.

I have calmed down a lot today, held off with obsessively just trying one more time. I have tried to accept that I can't influence this directly and I might just have to wait. I have tried to accept that I am not in charge here. Most of the time I feel fine I just get the odd thoughts that are a bit negative.