1. I tried Nikki Fatale’s Aneros Hypnosis thing, but midway through she wanted traditional masturbation along with it and I just gave up there since that wasn’t really what I was going for. It’s too bad, cause Nikki usually has some awesome stuff.

  2. she has some that don’t involve touch and are just for listening and they really turn me on but I am curious if there is anything else out there that has worked for people

  3. To my knowledge, the only hypno made specifically for the Aneros is this one: http://www.aneros.com/accessories/hypnaerosession/ It was made by an Aneros user. The Nikki Fatale one was an attempt, but the community felt like she really didn’t understand how the aneros works, particular by recommending a traditional orgasm. The Hypnaerosession has lines about specifically clenching certain muscles related to the aneros, etc. Unless there’s been something newer, that’s probably the best you’re going to find specific to the aneros experience.

  4. There are a number of orgasmic binaural beats: I found these more helpful than erotic hypnosis as they get me focused on sound and vibration which I can then make with orgasmic sensation in my body. These and incredible but I’m now intrigued to try the session posted here and let you know how I found it.

  5. I tried it this week. Didn’t really get me into a "trance", but it was nice having a little instruction on the thing. First time I actually felt it hitting my prostate and knowing what it was. Left me with a crazy set of blue balls but probably the closest I’ve come to something happening since I started trying.

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