Disappointment followed by Euphoria at the Tony Awards

2 days since previous session: After attending a play )One Man Two Guvnors( Saturday night and a relaxing shower, I was ready for further progress toward significant stimulation. I went to bed with the Progasm inserted; relaxed; tried several positions; then contractions. All this resulted in only minor responses. I fell off to sleep several times and tired again each time I woke up. But finally, with substantial disappointment, gave up after waking up 3 hours from the start.
I thought about the Progasm regularly all day Sunday and was going to wait until Monday evening to give it another try. But after a work out, I thought maybe a two day layoff isn't the answer. Was I ever right!
After my workout, no shower )TMI?(, I just inserted the Progasm and laid down on my side on the couch not far from my wife to watch the Tony Awards, and enjoyed two plus hours of bliss that I did not want to end. The Tony Awards have never been so wonderful! I even watched the local news afterwards just so I wouldn't have to stop.
After just relaxing and I was rewarded with some nice sensations. I did just a few contractions before things got going on their own. For nearly two hours I enjoyed wave after wave of prostate/anal rushes that periodically caused shocks that made my leg or back jump. I spent much of that time just mentally saying "OMG, don't let this stop" and hoping that I didn't verbalize this thought or start moaning. )My wife was unaware that I had inserted the Progasm before laying down to watch the show. My wife knows of the Progasm and has somewhat begrudgingly accepted that if she has a vibrator, why shouldn't I have something. But we are in our sixties and sexual communication has never been one of our strengths. Me being receptive to all kinds of fetiches and her being of strict Catholic upbringing(.
So after the news, I reluctantly removed the Progasm, showered, and went to sleep. I woke up three hours later with an erection )first in a very long time( and lots of wonderful prostate/anal sensations! I enjoyed the waves of sensations and occasionally encouraged more with a contraction now and then. After a substantial period of time, I fell asleep and woke up 20 minutes before my alarm to more sensations. What a great evening. I'm not sure that any of this qualifies as an orgasm, but whatever it is, sign me up for more, more, more.
Still enjoying the "afterglow" at work right now.
I can't wait until I can embrace my Progasm again.

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