Is this a good choice?


I´m fascinated about the p-orgasm since ive read about it. Some time ago ive got me a "Nexus Excel". At first i didnt got much out of it but after some month of pause ive tried it again and had this famous p-waves (maybe 8 in one hour) which was much superior than a normal p-orgasm. I´m now at this stage where i can trigger the p-waves without any toy. I just have to squeeze the pc-muscle slightly (irregula) a few times and concentrate on the feelings.

Now that ive read so much about the Multi-Os i want to say goodbye to my Nexus Excel and say hello to a more official way (since nobody mentions the Nexus): An Aneros Toy. Today ive ordered a "Aneros Progasm Black Ice", since ive heard so much good things about the Progasm. Is the "Ice" edition as good as the progasm? Is it a good choice?


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  1. I have theProgasm Iceversion it is exactly the same as the regular Progasm it’s just clear rather then opaque. I’ve actually used the nexus excel myself to. It’s a good toy. I would say the aneros line is better. The Progasm is similar in size so it’s a good choice for you. Especially if you enjoy a full feeling. If I recall correctly the Progasm is somewhat bigger. I don’t have the excel anymore to compare it however. You sound like your very experienced, I would suggest picking up the Helix or Eupho models down the line also. The smaller sizes allow more movement and even better orgasems. Your mileage of course may vary.

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