Helix Syn feels like nothing, Njoy Pure Wand feels great. What’s the deal?

I want to preface this to say I've only had a few prostate play sessions and most of my enjoyment came from a vibrator.

I've had an Njoy Pure Wand for a bit now, and have had 2 sessions with it. I have a hard time finding the prostate, but sometimes I'm able to rotate/turn the wand and suddenly it feels jaw dropping amazing. It seems like it doesn't last that long though, and I have to go very deep to get it.

Now, today I got a Helix Syn. It felt like nothing. I had it up there for about 2 hours and just couldn't get anything to happen. I ended up using a vibrator at the base of my cock to orgasm, which felt super great. I'd never done that before.

I'm just wondering why the Njoy wand can feel so good but the Syn does nothing. On top of that, the Syn seems to dry out easier and also retains gross smell even after thoroughly washing.

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  1. With the NJoy Pure Wand you can apply as much pressure as you can stand and direct it with the hands. With the Aneros (any model) it provides very subtle pressures only using your internal muscles to apply the pressure. This subtle pressure takes time for your body to feel.

  2. I think that Aneros products are more "advanced" and that you need to know how to properly contract your internal muscles to get the best out of it. On the other hand, I think the Pure Wand lets you apply the pressure as you see fit, and you can "rub" and press and thrust as much as you like. It gives you a lot more control, which in my opinion, makes it a far better toy.

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