Unwanted aneros afterglow

So I've been using my aneros for about a week straight before bed and it has been going pretty well. I feel like I'm coming close to the super o. I'm having great prostate waves and nice euphoric feelings. However, now I'm getting waves and overwhelming awareness of my prostate during the day. Its not just here and there. Its happening almost all day long. Has anyone else ever had this happen? It sounds like it would be great, but it has been terrible. Walking…sitting down…any movement start a mellow warmth buzz and light twiches. Its been happening for two straight days and I'm getting worried at this point and I'm hoping it goes away. I'm going to take a break from the aneros.

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  1. Try and masturbate a few times in a row to let all of the cum out. Maybe that will get it to stop.

  2. Sounds like your prostate might be a little bruised. I would take a couple weeks and ease off, give him some time to heal.

  3. I would take a little bit of time away from the Aneros, but honestly it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’ve heard of this happening before, though not that quickly, and many guys enjoy it. It usually fades if you don’t use it as frequently.

  4. So the feeling did go away. It took two whole days. Man I couldn’t concentrate at all! But yea Now we know that if it does happen, abstaining from the aneros for a few days should return things back to normal. I know some people would think of this situation as awesome because yes, it does sound awesome haha. But it was exhausting and was not nearly as fun as it sounds. But if your not in the mood and your at work and trying to get stuff done while talking to people it’s horrible. Uncomfortable as hell.

  5. You get used to it eventually and it becomes your new baseline if you let it. I personally enjoy the constant waves of full body pleasure all day long. Sometimes if I’m annoyed or something and need a break, I’ll just build up some pleasure before getting back to what I need to be doing.

  6. Following use or an Aneros on and off for 3-4 years I had my first breakthrough 8 months ago. It was unlike anything I had experienced before. Now I feel like the neural / muscle memory has been developed and I can induce the twitching and sensations that preceded a super-O. I struggled initially with feeling too live or too turned on as I couldn’t concentrate but was helped by "the multi-orgasmic Man" by Mantak Chia and Michael Winn which has meditations for circulating sexual energy up from your prostate into the rest of your body so that you can be grounded again to get on with your day

  7. I’ve had things which sound very much like what you described twice, a couple of years apart. They took me more like 4-5 days to fade, and were nowhere near as much fun as they might sound like. I too tend to suspect there might have been some bruising.

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