A LGBT poem, written by a retired, straight teacher

Hi guys, even gals,

A few minutes ago I came across a powerful poem composed by a retired, heterosexual teacher affirming the LGBT experience. This poem has alliteration which accentuates its expression. This poem is worthy of consideration, contemplation, and even action in today's USA. Enjoy!



Defy discrimination. Boycott bigotry.
Denounce dogma. Banish bullies.

Cultivate change. Encourage empathy.
Inspire insight. Revitalize reason. Deactivate disinformation.
Deconstruct preconceptions. Reconstruct character.

Rediscover self. Purge pain.
Explore scruples. Disengage guilt.
Close chapters. Open closets.

Humanize homosexuality.
Nurture narratives. Champion paragons.
Rekindle respect. Demand dignity.

Mend families. Compel comrades. Rally allies.
Command crowds. Mobilize masses. Globalize ideals.

Shift paradigms. Reset standards. Envision equality.
Challenge convention. Elevate ethics. Revise rules.
Celebrate diversity!

Trust time. Practice persistence. Pledge patience.
Confirm convictions. Consign commitment.
Marshal movement. Maintain momentum.

Delay gratification. Overcome obstacles.
Redefine normality. Modernize morality.
Reform matrimony. Reunite scouts.

Transform tradition. Civilize civilization.
Embrace enlightenment. Reshape reality.

Welcome awakening. Recognize redemption.
Laugh fearlessly. Liberate love!

–Carol Anne, Retired California Teacher, Heterosexual

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/a-lgbt-poem-written-by-a-retired-straight-teacher/