First use – did I do something wrong?

Alright, this was my first time using the Aneros Helix Syn. After cleaning it, I lubed it up to a good amount, and inserted it. I'm not sure if I had it in wrong or not enough but I didn't really feel anything.

I used my muscles to control the toy but it felt like it was just going to fall out. I'm unsure if I didn't have it in all the way. After about 15 minutes I took it out after feeling nothing much.

What was I doing wrong?



  1. It’s totally normal to not feel anything for your first few sessions. The aneros journey is all about teaching your body a new way to feel pleasure. You can’t just insert it your very first time and instantly get super orgasms (possible, but rare). I felt absolutely nothing during my first session until after an hour and then it was bliss. After the first session, your rewiring truly begins. For most of us, it’s slow but sure progression we make. I feel like I’m knocking on the super-o door and I’ve been an aneros user for about 13 months now. [I suggest you study the wiki](

  2. Thank you. How long should I wait until I have another session? I’d like to have another go at it.

  3. You can have another session when you’re ready. Personally I had 5 sessions in the first week but you need to listen to your body. Once you get some experience with it, your body will let you know when it’s time. I start having involuntary contractions and surging/pulsating pleasure that radiates to my entire pelvic area when it’s been a few days and my body needs a session. Try to make this next session longer. My preferred length is about 90 minutes with a relube about halfway through. Also check all the links on the right. You’ll find them extremely useful on your new journey.

  4. Thanks! I might try giving it another go later tonight or possibly tomorrow.

  5. You said your session was only 15 minutes? Nothing wrong with having another go the next day, just don’t get frustrated if you still don’t feel anything. What kind of lube are you using? What helped me most with the Aneros was realizing that forcing stronger contractions was absolutely the wrong approach. Holding a very light contraction works better for me (notice the involuntary twitching). Check [this page]( out. Honestly though, at this point it may just be better to try the ‘do nothing’ technique. Getting hung up on ‘what you’re supposed to be doing’ can be counterproductive. You may just want to put it in, relax, and take notice of any pleasure you feel. The mindset you’re in is just as important as technique.

  6. No worries. By the way, what kind of lube were you using? I haven’t had much success with standard KY Jelly (doesn’t last long enough). I heard about **unrefined** coconut oil working well for some and haven’t looked back. You can freeze the stuff into small little chunks (for easier insertion) and it will last a very long time.

  7. Liquid silk. I’ve used it before although I hadn’t ever used it anally up until this point.

  8. Did you pre-lube or just on the Aneros? >Pre-lubrication refers to lubricating ones anus and rectum prior to the insertion of the Aneros. While this may seem like overkill to some, there are two very good reasons for doing this. The first is that no matter how much is applied or how effective the lubricant is, a significant amount of it is generally squeezed off of the Aneros as it makes it’s way through the anal canal and into your rectum. Secondly, if you are using a water-based lubricant, you may have observed that it dries out on exposure to air. Pre-lubricating establishes a reservoir of lubrication in a fairly contained environment (your rectum). As a result there is little chance of the lube drying out and there’s always an adequate supply where it’s most needed.

  9. Make sure to take your time. I usually spend a couple of minutes getting it in (pushing it gently but not forcing), it can take some time for your inner sphincter to relax even if you ‘feel ready’. Oh, forgot to mention, i use the Helix Syn as well. Great model.

  10. You definitely need to make your sessions longer and above all relax. I’ll also share some stuff that helps me. Remember your mileage may vary. Before anything I will edge a few hours beforehand. Don’t cum, just edge for a bit. It enlarges the prostate. Then when it comes time before inserting the aneros I use the Njoy Pure Wand to massage my prostate some or ride a dildo. Makes it sensitive. After that I lay down, prop up my butt with a pillow and insert the aneros and enjoy. Took me a couple years to reach super o at all and it still don’t happen all the time. But this method helps a lot. Don’t give up you will get there and if you don’t have any luck in a session just masturbate with it inside. Feels great as a complimentary prize. Good luck

  11. So as people have said – longer sessions and less worry. This is by far the most useful thing I read in my journey so far… >PLEASE, PLEASE, ABANDON THE MYTH of contraction-induced super orgasms, of orchestrated, fatigue-induced anal and PC muscle spasms, leading to MAYBE making the toy dance, leading to maybe, maybe, MAYBE triggering a super orgasm…if your body is in the right position, and you put your legs just right, and you’re thinking about the right sexy thoughts, and you hope the p-tab is in the right place, and you hope you used enough of the right lube, *and oh god, what if this isn’t the right toy for me????* >None of that shit matters. Let it all go, man. It just ain’t so. Now, contractions may work for you, but I’ve found progress in avoiding contractions all together, even when my body wanted to. So there are multiple paths you may need to experiment with. This is a journey that can take months, if not years for some. Enjoy it for what it is and you’ll find things progress naturally, but expecting a certain sensation or "build" is more likely to be a roadblock than any help.

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