Has anyone started shaking this quickly? (video)

Just found this video where a 19 yr old is already having uncontrollable orgasms two minutes into his session. Has anyone here ever gotten to that point that fast? Is it normal? http://www.redtube.com/399769

Also, I've been playing with the MGX for a few weeks with some interesting results but no big orgasms and certainly nothing this good. I've heard many have gotten better results with the more advanced models and I'm about to receive both the progasm and helix in the mail tomorrow. Any tips anyone has when upgrading? Has anyone here upgraded and gotten better results themselves? Thanks.

Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/3bgvze/has_anyone_started_shaking_this_quickly_video/


  1. Once you’re developed the neural pathways associated with full body orgasm, it is possible to induce one very quickly if you are orgasmic and turned on. Within 2 or 3 minutes I can be shaking un-controllably, and my first session when I had a super-O it was because I relaxed and had no expectations and boom. I can now induce involuntary shaking orgasms without the aneros. I’ve never had the same effect with the MGX, it seems to have to be the Helix for me (size, shape) I haven’t watched the video but I was taken aback by the force of my first super-O, I kicked all the covers to the floor and almost fell off the bed in the dark. I found the dark or a blindfold helped me to concentrate on my body rather than outside sensations

  2. Keep expectations low. For every person who gets results on their first try, there’s someone else who takes months, if not years just to feel a tingle.

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