Using the aneros with a partner

I've been playing with MGX for a few weeks now and although I've had lots of pleasurable sensations, I have yet to reach a spasming super-o. I've heard of a lot of people that reached a super-o when stoned and I had an idea.

I've got a gay friend that I sometimes hook up with to do weed with and fuck. I only do weed with him since I don't know anyone that sells it or trust anyone else to be discreet, so I figured we might as well use aneros' together. I already ordered a helix and progasm to try since the MGX hasn't quite gotten me to the super-o. He seemed pretty excited about the idea so we're set to meet up on Thurday night and I'll probably lend him my MGX to practice with beforehand.

Has anyone else ever used an aneros at the same time as another male? What was the experience like and did it help to better reach orgasm?



  1. 🙁 even though my BF tends to be the bottom I haven’t been able to interest him in any of the Aneros toys. We’ve got a Helix and a Progasm but not tried the MGX. What’s bben your fav?

  2. I’ll let you know tonight, didn’t get a chance to try the others yesterday. I gave my MGX to my friend the other night and he’s already wanting a bigger one. He remarked that it was almost smaller than his ex’s dick.

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