Binaural beats and aneros

Hi all, I'm a long time reader here and recent participant. I started using an aneros in 2010 after an injury led to some damage to my pelvic floor. I saw a physio who open up my pelvic floor muscles with massage and figured an aneros might help in a similar way. I started with an MGX but never really was relaxed enough to break through. That and I was impatiently focused on ejaculatory orgasm. I then purchased a helix which seems to fit me better but still no breakthrough. I see now that I wasn't using enough lube as well.

I hadn't used my aneros for years until last year my wife went abroad for 6 weeks and I was left at home holding down the fort. I discovered my old toys when I was packing and decided to give them another go. I discovered much more info than was previously available and made modifications such as removing the handle. I also started to begin session relaxing with orgasmic breath work.

My first super-O hit me quickly like a ton of bricks. I had the toy inserted on the bed and knelt over listening too a hands free orgasm binaural beats session on YouTube. I was using a blindfold. I started to moan in resonance with the tones and my body was overcome with sensation. I bucked, shook and moaned for what seemed like an eternity. I felt the emotional memories of ex-lovers passing through me as orgasms ran up my spine and down my front.

I'm now using the aneros once a week to charge up and relax my body as well as to enjoy a long session of orgasmic sensation. Much more relaxing than yoga that I have done.

I was wondering if others here had experimented with binaural beats and the aneros? I still listen to beats session occasionally and find it helps to to let go, relax and be guided by my body.

Happy super-o's



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