Ghost Butt

Writing this the day after because I had to savor the events… Been about 2 weeks since my last ride, and my taint softened up a bit again. I only say this because when I ride more consistently, my perineum gets tougher and the P-tab isn't so aggressive feeling.

Oh, and no sex of any kind for maybe 4 days… the glands were throbbing to drain! I plugged in my Pro Jr. and practiced contracting my actual anus, not just the PC muscles. In about 10 minutes, I was getting major involuntaries and new stimulation from the K-tab. I'm guessing my ass is building some amazing strength from these sessions.

Ballooning my abdomen by taking in a slow belly breath added even more pressure, and I got some great rapid anus contractions in return, almost like a machine gun. When these fired off, my penis erected and I spasmed shut. My glutes contracted rhythmically and added movement to the locked up Aneros. Then all hell broke loose and I was grunting loud into my pillow, my body tense as fuck. When it was over, I had kicked everything off the bed.

I built up orgasms like this for a few hours until the P-tab started to get a tad too rough, and I put away the little black love-nut piston. Sometimes after a session, I will practice edging for a while, up to 100 strokes, but with no ejaculation. Last night, I did this and was ready to call it a night, but we were still hungry for more! After turning out the light, I laid on my side, thinking about the amazing rapid contractions I was getting that night,… when my ass started pumping again! Suddenly, I was having another orgasm without the Aneros! Sweet! Gotta try this again.