Able to have 20+ prostate orgasms in a session.

So I am able to have at least 20 orgasms, usually around 40 or more, I actually don't know I lose count after awhile. All extremely deeply mind blowing pleasurable beyond regular orgasms compared to penile orgasms that will last from 1-2 minutes to over 5 minutes each, and they roll into each other like waves. No refractory period, no hard ejaculations, just a constant slow dripping of cum the whole time. And I have prostate masturbation sessions that would last over 4 hours with minimal breaks. I use a toy that's similar to the Aneros but shaped a little different. I would just work it in and out my ass until I start feeling the waves of orgasms and they just don't stop as long I keep thrusting the toy in and out massaging the prostate. I am curious, is anybody wired similar to this? Able to have dozens of orgasms non stop for hours?? I am open to questions if anyone wants more details. Thanks!


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  1. Could you show us the shape of the toy, and the methods you use to achive this?

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