The perfect Aneros for beginner?


Ive owned a aneros knock-off (Nexus Excel) and got really great P-waves from it after a few uses. Now i wanted to go the official route and bought a aneros progasm. I dont have any problems with insert it, but i wont get any involuntarys (i got them with the Nexus). Now ive read that it could be because the progasm is to big for me (so it doesnt move much). Now i want to try out. Now my question is: What is the perfect and most famous aneros model for a beginner. When i´m advanced i can use the progasm, but i think i´m not ready yet.


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  1. For a beginner (or really any) user I’d recommend the Aneros Helix (either regular or syn, I prefer the latter). Out of all the toys that I own, its the one I’ve had most luck with (by far). I’ve heard relatively good things about the Nexus line as well, but the model that you’ve chosen seems to be more along the lines of the Progasm’s thickness. Starting with thinner devices is the way to go, as they are much more maneuverable.

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