My first experience

So my first experience with my new Helix syn was quite something. How it would be classified I'm not sure but god did it feel good.

Time was a bit of a blur so I'm not sure when things happened but I know I was in bed for an hour. I started off relaxing in bed while lying on my side. The first sensations I remember noticing were of the syn sliding out. After checking a couple of times I realised that it had started to move slightly on its own. I then began to concentrate on these feelings while deep breathing and really got into the feeling of the movement inside me. I then noticed a fizzing sensation in a location I can only presume is my prostate. With deep breaths and small contractions I could set off waves of fizz which was highly sensual and got me very aroused. However at this point for what ever reason I lost concentration and as quick as the feelings had started they dissappered. I was able to get back to this stage again but I got no further. At this stage I would say that was a good first session and I was very happy with my experimenting.

I had been in bed for an hour and decided I would go and skin up, I was sober before the seesion but had read good things. I got up and found walking with my syn in was really nice a tightness and an intense and different feeling. I decided that I would leave the syn in then and proceeded to skin up. I was smoking leaning against a wall outside (tracksuit trousers on 🙂 )and I could hear a pnuematic drill in the distance. The sound of the drill seemed to set off vibrations inside me that went rippling out with fizzing waves. I then got contractions of my buttocks that I tried to continue with manual contractions. All in all a very enjoyable smoke. I felt it was then time to finish myself off so while my fleshlight was warming I started to watch some porn. I was still standing as I couldn't sit down on my syn and I started contracting in time with some of the thrusting on screen. My buttocks started contracting involuntarily and this time went into spasm contracting more rapidly than I would ever be able to. This subsided and then ramped up again a few times, on one occasion I remember the syn moving back and forth at the same time. I was elated and slightly jelly legged, had I just orgasmed? I wasn't sure and I'm still not but I didn't care this thing was great. When I started using the fleshlight I found I lost most of the sesnsation from the syn but when I stopped I could get the involuntary contractions going again. As I got nearer to ejaculating I would edge and feel like I could push the energy down into my prostate and start violently spasaming until eventually it was all too much and I let it all go. Spent.

That was a week ago and I've made myself very excited writing all this as I'm having another go this evening. I can't wait to continue this journey and feel very fortunate to have got off to such a good start.


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  1. You bastard, congratulations! By the sound of your descriptions you did indeed experience at least a "mini-o" and are well on your way to blissful realms. This is exceptional for your first go around. As I read it seemed like you captured the essence of when I finally started to "get it" and figure out how to relax and go with the sensations. I wouldn’t advise you to change your approach one bit. Let us know how your experience went tonight!

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