Mental baggage blocking super-o?

Recently I've been having issues achieving super-o's, which used to come to me like second nature. I'm thinking either, the form of my "swing" is off (baseball analogy) or my mental state/personal problems are mentally blocking me from achieving the 4th state of arosal.

I'm very VERY bad at controlling my emotions and ignoring my stressors. IRL I suppress my emotions rather than confront them and use them as a strength, and I'm thinking this is stopping me from getting horny enough for a super-o.

From my experiences, my revo 2 or aneros will start stimulating the anal walls by my prostate, and contractions that "stroke" and "massage" the toy feels awesome, and this will awaken my prostate. I can feel when it's happening, and I usually have to "motivate" myself to get a super o. By motivate I mean maintaining heavy breathing, small hip movements, and dirty talk to myself. When these things happen I know I'm at the 4th level of arosal.

But they aren't happening. Instead my mind wanders off.

Any advice on how to let go of my baggage? My real life problems aren't going away any time soon, but I was able to achieve super o's before. Maybe I'm not doing enough "forplay" before the main event?


Thanks guys


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  1. What are you doing in the lead up to this? Do you just jump into things, or do you spend a long time doing other stuff? I typically spend a while just breathing and relaxing my body, often listening to the Hypnaeros induction to get myself to something like relaxation, though I always have lingering tension. It can take over half an hour or more and I always want to rush it, but if I take the time, the session is better. Also, how badly are you looking for it? If you’re chasing the super-O, sometimes you push it away, or you don’t realize there’s another "way" you are going to come upon it this time. Every session is different. Also, have you taken time off? I’ve had before where it felt like the same old fantasies/porn/techniques/etc just weren’t working. I’d get a quick lift but then lose it. What helped was taking time out but also getting a new freshness on what excited me. I’m sure you know all this stuff from your own journey, but perhaps its a time to refocus on the basics. If your swing is off, focus again on the fundamentals.

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