My 1st VICE unaided " Wet Orgasm"

Since my last blog i have just being having such great orgasmic times using the Vice. For me its a
super "plug" as i like to call it. When its well lubed it fits so snug and always feels "full" and hot in my anus. I go through my usual routine before a session and,would normally take a warm shower and a douche.Its a bit odd but i also like to take a nice close shave and apply a facial moisturizer.For me anyway when P waves and esp. the super "O" hits my face always gets contorted -like a face in pain look – except its "pure ecstasy" which i think is adding to my existing facial lines and eye wrinkles,or it might be increasing them! [this is not a complaint Aneros] So i find using the facial cream is helping to keep it in check.[Its odd i know but its a personal thing and,it works for me.]
When a Super "O" hits i always feel i am unable to get my breath and at times that i am suffocating? I have found that during my sessions its helpful to start deep breathing as soon as the P waves kick in. This way i have got into a rhythm to help with the breathing when a super "O" hits. The only thing is a 2nd super "O" will always come – sometimes rapidly – after the 1st one and, blow you out of the water! Similarly with the moaning and uncontrolled full body convulsions at super "O" – i have tried but failed to control this! I just want to share all this with you as this is my experiences reaching the Super "O" ss.. They are the most incredible orgasms. Once the P waves kick-in they will run up to a crescendo, gathering momentum and then the big Punch-Punch-Punch hits with the Super "O" going right thru you!! Most of the time i just insert my plug and lie on my back relaxing and from time to time apply "light" anal contractions. Its not long before the wheels start turning! I am very happy just using the VICE to get me off but, over a mixed few sessions i had been using the vibrating bullet.. and man this is something else.. When i use the bullet it brings out
the most erotic sensations i have ever felt in my anus! It sets the whole plug vibrating and it rapidly brings on a massive Super "O" unfortunately ending a session very quickly! For some strange reason you don't appear to get any more super "O" after the 1st – not like using the plug on its own? Anyways a few nights back i was feeling very horny and enjoying a session with the Vice [bullet on board]I let the Vice work inside me and it had begun to strike P waves. Into the session and the P waves building i hit the switch on the bullet [BTW this is inserted via the hole in the Vice] Setting No4 works the best for me. I was just "rocked" by the experience that followed! A massive erotic surge built-up in my anus.. I moaned and my eyes shut tight on a contorted face. I was very aware that suddenly i had a stiff erection. My body started shaking and my erotic thoughts hit high level. It was too fookin late to start the breathing routine!! As the bullet kept vibrating the feelings in my anus became explosive
–this felt Bigger and different than a super "O"… With eyes still closed I was made to cried out loud with pleasure.. I felt my anus contracting rapidly and the next second i felt hot wads of semen shower onto my belly. It was totally "explosive" and i would "never" in my life have felt such a "wet" orgasm as this – never minding the fact that it "came" unaided!! I have come to the conclusion that there is a monster [somewhere between my anus & my penis] that has being unleashed since i have started using
the Vice :-] . I have tried a few times since that to emulate this experience but it has not happened
a 2nd time? I hope i will experience it again.. Im gaggin for it…. [Watch this space]