Trouble getting aroused with Aneros (Helix)

Ok, so this seems to be my biggest issue or blocker. I am comfortable with it but any erection soon goes away. There's a short period of time when Aneros itself can get me hard and going but then it stops working.

I had some successes but they are quite elusive even when I do the same things. I had a pretty good series of P-waves (early in the session), this was what I was going after when I discovered it with another toy. Most notably I had woken up to a REM sleep boner and pretty serious involuntary contractions but it didn't lead nowhere. That was also my only success by lying on the bed.

Looking at porn doesn't seem to work but I had biggest success and hints of success while watching it. I could easily jerk off to it but it'll be 7 days since my last real orgasm. I don't get aroused easily throughout the day either which I would expect (maybe it's because of release by massaging?).

Any thoughts? I've been doing "do nothing" but sometimes I feel that I should pull my sphincter muscles together and hold to increase the intensity. On the other hand I worry that it actually might be too aggressive for me since I got it going at night with nothing inside and that's what prevents/stops my boner.


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  1. First off, forget about your dick. For me, sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s limp, and it doesn’t correlate with what I’m feeling. I’ve hard orgasms where I feel my dick is going to explode because it’s so hard, and I’ve had other orgasms where my dick is as limp as it gets. There’s no correlation. >sometimes I feel that I should pull my sphincter muscles together and hold to increase the intensit Yes. Do this. You should always do what you feel like you should do. If it’s working, keep doing it.

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