My First Aneros Helix Syn Experience…where do I go from here?

I don't know how it came up, but one day for some reason I decided that I wanted to buy a prostate massager. I had never had any experience with anal play at all, not even fingering myself during masturbation because I was always afraid of it. Never ever having ever heard any thing about prostate massagers I started to research them and quickly realized that aneros is one of the best ones to buy. One thing led to another and I kept researching and reading, researching and reading and a week later I took a leap of faith and ordered an Aneros Helix Syn.

For someone who had never experienced any anal play before I was very eager to try it out. First impressions out of the box, it did not appear as intimidating as I had thought it would be. It was much smaller than I was expecting it to be, which was good because I was afraid it would be too big and scare me off and that would be it.

From what I found from all the research I did before I had these few things in mind: 1. I wasn't expecting anything to happen during the first session, I was just expecting at most to get used to it and maybe have a nice masturbation experience 2. I needed to make sure that I had set adequate time aside to relax before and for the session as well

So, I set aside a four hour chunk of time. I started to relax that day, went to the bathroom about an hour before I was expecting to start to make sure that my rectum was completely empty. I didn't really opt for an enema because I felt that I was pretty empty and I wasn't really worried about making a mess. I wasn't really comfortable giving myself an enema because I had never experienced anything like that before and I read stuff about how it can mess with your body long term (again it might not be true, but I really didn't care about being messy so I just went for it). I took a hot shower to relax myself, cleaned myself up down there really good and started to finger myself in the ass a little bit in the shower to get the process started and to get me in the mood.

I than laid out a towel on my bed, grabbed my lube and aneros and excitedly started off. At first I took some lube and just fingered myself for 5 minutes or so having never experienced anal play before. Than I took some lube and worked a big chunk of it into my rectum to have some extra in there before I got started. Next, I put a generous amount on my aneros, got on my side and pulled the top leg up to my chest like the instructions said and inserted it in. I made sure to take deep breaths during this process and to competely relax. I felt a little discomfort as I was passing the widest part through the sphincter but I was suprised how easily it slipped in after that. Once it was in, it suprisingly felt very comfortable. At first it just felt like it was stuck in there but I was careful not to move any PC muscles. I just laid there for 10 mins and just get used to it being in my body focusing on my breathing. I had no porn on, I thought it would be best if I had no distractions. After a while I started to move and get into a comfortable position on my back. After 10 minutes of the syn being inside I tried my first contraction. I immediately felt it push on something. I could sense it being more free and moving inside. Never having had my prostate touched not really sure what I was going to expect. It felt like someone was poking me from the inside, but I kinda of liked it. It was like a good poking and it felt suprisingly good. I just laid there for the next 15 mins contracting my muscles and just poking my protaste focusing on my breathing. After 15 or so mins I started to feel something intense. All of a sudden my prostate got really sensitive and if I contracted my PC muscles and poked my prostate with the syn I started to sort of get shaky in my muscles. All of sudden I started to grind my hips together involuntarily and whole body started to shake for one-two seconds max. It was like an experience I had never had before. After about 40 more mins of that intermittent 5 mins of nothing and 5 mins of having a super sensitive prostate I could not take it anymore and just had to jerk off and finish.

Overall, it was a great first session. More than what I was expecting to have.

My only question is…when I jerked off, it did feel better but it wasn't like the most intense jerk off I've ever had or anything. And I didn't really get flowing of precum that people always talk about and I produced the normal amount of semen I always do. Am I doing something wrong? Should I be doing something different? Is it possible that it wasn't hitting my prostate and I was enjoying it regardless? Obviously I know that getting a "super-o" will take some time but I wasn't sure if I was doing something wrong.


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  1. Definitely keep the mindset. I had different experience (no "super-o", mind you) and have trouble to get there again. Just have fun, don’t try to push it, don’t think about it. Mine was always with porn though (no masturbation) so try different things. I wouldn’t recommend long sessions though, under an hour tops.

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