Did I have a prostate orgasm or just ejaculate?

I was using the aneros vice for about an hour while just relaxing. I wasn't having as many nice sensations as usual and had gone about 3 days without masturbating. After I while I started trying the contractions method which I hadn't done too much of before and after a few minutes I got very hard, I could feel a build up and then ejaculated quite quickly, it felt more like a regular orgasm with a bit more of a build up. It was more clear than regular cum but about the same amount as a usual orgasm.

Is this what a prostate orgasm is or did I just cum accidentally? I hadn't touched my penis at all during the session and I don't think I've experienced anything above waves yet.

Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/3jxc71/did_i_have_a_prostate_orgasm_or_just_ejaculate/

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