Question about the packaging.

I was thinking about buying an aneros, but right now I'm in college and packages are all sent to the same place. I don't want to get any weird looks so I was wondering if it comes in a standard cardboard box or if it will be labeled.

I know this is a dumb question but it's really the only thing keeping me from buying one right now.


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  1. It depends on the seller, there might be some inconspicuous company as a sender instead of the domain. There’s also something called [Poste restante]( or General Delivery. Or you can pay for UPS/FedEx to come to place you stay during workdays and they will call you. Or you can actually go to a shop that stocks it and get it yourself. Somehow I think silicone slides better but retains more odor. Both of that might not actually be true or not so much that it matters, I picked a classic one nevertheless.

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