I found the “Sweet Spot”, and a question

I highly recommend getting a Hemorrhoid cushion, and just sitting.

Really, that is all you have to do. It puts just the right pressure where needed. Besides, the cushion really is needed, because otherwise, sitting is some positions can cause a lot of discomfort, or outright pain.

Over time, the prostate get more and more sensitive, and the body seems to automatically seek the most pleasurable sensations.

Really, I think that is the most basic programming of ALL life.

Seek out pleasure. Ovoid anything that is not pleasurable.

It takes a while, but it slowly gets better and better, over time eventually the O hits. But it keeps on going. It still takes a little while, but much sooner the second O comes, the third even faster, the forth faster, until pretty soon it is almost constant orgasms.

At this point, it is nearly impossible to concentrate on anything other than the constant pleasure.

I've found a sort of solution to the concentration problem.

Try to stop the orgasms. It isn't easy. Then gently manipulate the position you are sitting in. I call it the Sweet Spot. It is not as intense as the O. But it is damned good. And it never stops. Anyway it is easier to concentrate on something else. Even then, it is very easy to slip back into the constant orgasms.

And now for a question. How long is it safe to leave this thing in?

The P-Tab seems to be putting a lot of pressure onto a very small area, and afraid that could end up doing damage.

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  1. I use two chairs to sit and lean forward and it’s been most effective so far. The only effective one really but I can’t get a lot of pressure as you describe. Kneeling and leaning over these chairs or something of appropriate height seems to do better in this regard, would you care to compare? Do you reckon it’s the same as cushion? I’ve never even seen that thing, most important is that it has the same opening but it seems to be more bouncy than my chair though so I can imagine it can put different pressure. In my session yesterday when I positioned in this way I had most success when 50% of the work did the brain – I got genuinely aroused by porn, that got my prostate pulsing, felt a bit like being in sync with girl on screen. I couldn’t keep it up long enough, just a few minutes. That felt nice, nowhere near the finishing line though, it’s easy to recognize the orgasms I got before – heart starts pumping faster and in a few seconds it gets dark before my eyes as the orgasm wave goes through me, I feel it can happen fast when I hit the right spot and arousal, I’ve got this in less than 10 minutes (I’m not sure if it repeated in full strength then but other time it did repeat right away and almost a third time). It sounds like I need to improve my position or P-tab extension so I can finally position this thing just right without any effort. As for the safety, I have no idea. But I am increasing the time off between the sessions now even without orgasms. I’d like to thank you for your insights, it definitely confirms that it’s about technique. Not forcing it though muscles is totally true, if you can get the thing in position, it likes to move slightly on it’s own when it’s in the right place.

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