Pee-hole stim continues…

Had an A–Less session last night and two this afternoon.

My prostate was heated up still from last night and I hadn't crapped yet today, so it felt swelled up and I could get electric charges easily with nipple stim.

The rest of todays sessions also include nipple stim.

I spent maybe 10 min warming up more with some kegels till got electric tingling from my prostate all the time. I could go into Dry–O's quickly, just by clenching my legs together and doing a kegel, so I did maybe 5 min of that till I could feel my prostate all the time. Then I went into pee–hole presses and tickling and had a couple of rolling intense Dry–O's during 15 min.

Then got a phone call I had to take! #%[email protected]$ Spent a half hour helping my nephew…

Went back and found I was still all heated up, so had another 1 hr session. Started up again where I left off. This time the Dry–O from pee–hole stim grew into very intense with thrashing around and bouncing. Very strong thrusting. Had one that felt like an ejaculation orgasm, because of the thrusting grating movements, but was totally dry. Really got into a sweat with the workout.

Then did one using my pointer and indexed finger on either side of the base of the penis, massaging the base and each side of the base of my scrotum and crack between my legs and scrotum. Very intense.

Finally a couple more pee–hole ones with bouncing around and crunching. Toward the end, I really had to hold off on the pee–hole stim as my balls were starting to turtle up. I don't think I'd taken enough time today to really get my prostate so I could feel it strongly, so occasionally, I would feel my penis stronger than my prostate, at which point my balls would start to turtle up, and had to back off. Really want to keep my pee–hole stim wired to my prostate instead of ejaculation, but it will take patience and focus on my part. Unfortunately, I struggle with impatience!!! ARRGGGHHHH…..

Eventually, my groin got tired, and I'd had enough.

Had kept up the pee–hole stim and nipple stim at one point and felt the electric quivering start to fill the whole penis and groin, but just maybe was trying too hard, and it wouldn't expand to my whole body. Was really hoping for a whole body super–O, but I guess that just deep–6's it… Well, I certainly enjoyed what I got anyway!!!

So far, the pee–hole thing hasn't caused an ejaculation after like 4 sessions, but I certainly feel and know that it could go there. I have just had the motivation and discipline to wait till my prostate is strongly felt enough and also to back off if my balls start to turtle up. Love the thrashing around that I gave in to today and last night. That's not the norm for me as I usually don't give in to moving around a lot, but the pee–hole stim really gives strong pleasure when hooked up to the prostate.