My body doesn’t allow initial 10-minute relaxation period anymore.

Very recently (within the past 3 sessions), my body doesn't even allow me the initial 10-minute relaxation period anymore.

For the past few times, I've inserted the Aneros when I can feel my prostate begging for it. I'll be sitting in a chair or on the couch and start to feel things twitching at a more rapid pace than I've ever experienced. It's as if I'm sitting on the railroad tracks as a train is approaching.

So when I feel this begging, I begin a session but my body immediately starts going crazy…not Super-O crazy, as I've yet to cross that threshhold, but my PC muscle, sphincter muscle and everything in between just starts this crazy dance of pleasure. It will get pretty intense, which forces both my PC muscle and rectal muscles to involuntarily contract all the way. After each extreme contraction, it seems that the involuntary dancing that's going on gets less and less intense until…….nothing. Well, almost nothing– once in awhile I'll have a minor twitch, but that's about it. It's almost as if my session is going in the reverse direction of how it's supposed to.

My question is, should I try to stop my body from those extreme contractions, or does this have nothing to do with the "calming down" of everything? Is it that my body becomes used to having something in there and the initial shock of a foreign object creates that crazy dancing? I usually give myself around an hour or so of not doing much of anything after the twitching stops.


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  1. I had 3 orgasms today and didn’t feel much happening down there. I never did before either. Arousal is important part for me so I watch porn (I don’t relax, I don’t do anything, I just try to assume position and get aroused), as for the practical tips I still don’t know exactly what to do to get there. After 30 minutes water based lube seems to be bust anyway so I stop somewhere after that point.

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