Monday Monday

Got home 2 hours before the wife and I was ready for alone time. I went into this session fully ready to embrace my new found sexuality. I may still be in the closet with the wife but happy in my self discovery. I took the Muze vibrator with me and laid it next to me just maybe I might want to explore using it. Helix was having it's way with me when I thought to using the Muze and pushed the button on and a medium pulse setting was in place and I inserted it between my legs into my G-spot. Making contact with my Syn. O well next thing I know the wife is calling the phone on her way home and I could not believe that 2 hours had passed. Wholly wacker-roo I have been so screwed. I never saw so much pre cum. I rubbed it all over my breasts. Yeah love my breast they connect all the feel good places. Well she gave me marching orders for dinner so what the heck I kept Syn with me and prepared the grill for Jamaican Jerk Chops. Well the Syn was so rocking me in the right place. I just loved walking around and getting so much pleasure. Finally I went for a Swim just before the storm hit. Regretfully I removed Syn and settled in for the evening. While watching our show So you think you can dance I ordered some coconut massage oil no scent. I am sitting here the next morning still rocking from getting so screwed and loving my rewiring process. Yes I do think a super O will rock the house yet but I am so good with everything now as is. I am a changed man. I love woman but this man also love's my Aneros. SoFunLoving