Super-O visualizations

I don't see this brought up too much, but it's something I've been afraid to discuss for a while. But during my most intense sessions Ive definitely experienced visualizations leading up to climaxing. Nothing insane. Nothing scary. But visualizations that seem to represent the journey my body is experiencing.

One such visualization was a simple sunrise peaking over the horizon with the sun bursting through as I hit my climax. Really weird but also a really beautiful experience.

Can anyone else relate?


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  1. I have not had any actual visuals, but can definitely relate. I’ve had it feel like my entire body was being washed over in warm fuzzies. Other times it seems like I just got an IV opiate injection (never done this btw just imagining what it would feel like) with a major major head rush accompanying. Especially with some of the HFO binaural beats recordings I’ve had the feeling of, "where am I drifting right now?" I felt like I was in some sort of ether, nether world happy floaty void place, if that makes any sense. No actual visual manifestations, but I think I understand the "place" (if there is one) your talking about and had transcending experiences. I’m really glad that more and more and more people are sharing on this subreddit. This is so cool! I want everyone to be able to enjoy this stuff.

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