Any reason NOT to get a helix syn as my first toy?

Generally I've read that the helix syn is the best toy to get for a beginner. However; following the norm isn't always the wisest thing to do, so does anyone have any reason NOT to get it as my first Aneros product and if so what toy should I get instead?


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  1. It doesn’t seem to fit me. I have 35.4" waist and 32-size pants (I just measured it and it’s perfect size for me, not 32"). The difference in specs is only inside but the angle is different in direct comparison and sits on the sweet spot. I’m not sure if SGX or MGX is better for me as I’m not short. I got one from intimategadgets and it turned out to be SGX (for what it’s worth it’s not as smooth as Helix Classic but I don’t think it’s makes any difference).

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