Sessions without toy

As it appears I have much easier time in session without any toy. I recommend it especially to beginners because it's so easy to recognize the good kind of feelings.

With help of porn I can push it to incredible heights, but not into orgasm so far. This isn't entirely new to me, before my prostate journey I've experienced those when I was viewing porn for other purposes than masturbating and I actually like to let it build like this when I masturbate (I always assumed this would escalate into ejaculation because it's just a few strokes away but maybe not without penile stimulation).

This time I also quickly tried to insert Aneros when I got tired of it (I was still comfortable), it was going on for a few minutes but then I lost it. Overall I could say that this level of arousal was fairly ecstatic and the whole episode left me shaky, but there were no orgasms like before. This is about the same level that I can achieve with Aneros but it's much easier without it. This left me wondering if that which I'm chasing isn't some rare event, rather than the norm.

BTW tongue movement is incredibly erogenous. If you don't have a partner to do it with you can just imagine whatever you like (french kissing, pussy, dick).


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  1. I don’t think I can comment much on your situation, but I can say that there is stuff you can look up on without toy. If you go to the aneros forums or just look up aneros and "aless", you can find some people talk about it. Aless = aneros less. They might have some comments on your experience.

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