Super O and then..

Since my first entry in May when I reached my first Super O, many other sessions have followed. Not every session was 'out of the world' but still good. But frequently I have had the gift of a Super O. Every time this has happened, it felt as good as the first time. The moment the orgasm happens it is like being in a dream, just amazing what my body can experience by simply letting go, relaxing, breathing. Key is observing rather than trying to achieve something.

The reason I decided to add a new entry to my blog is the following. Often after having had a Super O, the next day I am still so excited I want more. This however means expectations… And as I wrote in my first blog, rule number one is DROP expectations. Because as soon as I start a session with the idea of repeating with what I felt the day before it is most of the time not happening. The mind is very important in all this I realise more and more. I now try to limit my aneros sessions to once or max twice a week. Meanwhile Aless sessions become more intense. Which I enjoy more and more.

While chatting here I sometimes get the impression some men have a frequent number of sessions desperately looking for the super O. But looking for it, even if you have had a super O experience, is expecting it… is in my opinion a bad start. Start each session with an open mind, each session brings new sensations. If reaching a super o was easy and could be done just like that, it would be no fun anymore. Like a quick wank and cum. Nice but forgettable. So enjoy every ride, no matter if it leads to a super O. You may then find a Super is just around the corner… when you least expect it.