A major rewiring milestone

I apologize in advance for the length of this post. I’m still trying to collect my thoughts from what happened last night and need every word below to explain it.

Yesterday while at work, I started to feel my prostate swell, which eventually made my PC muscle twitch a little. This was quite pleasurable and my prostate started feeding on the motion of the twitching by swelling even more. A couple times during the day, I had to go to the bathroom to mop up the precum, which had made the tip of my dick stick to my underwear. By the end of the day, my PC muscle was twitching without me initiating it. Earlier in the day, I would feel my prostate swell, sit up straight to put pressure on the money spot and flex my PC muscle once. This would make that muscle twitch for about 15 minutes on its own. It was kind of like lifting the ball on the end of Newton’s Cradle and feeling the inertia of what I had set into motion. This was very nice.

Leaving work, I felt every bump on the road inside me as I drove. This was also very nice. By the time I got home (after the 20 minute drive), my pelvis felt warm and tingly. My prostate felt as if it was begging for something to touch it. I cleaned myself out, put on some music and slipped in my MGX. I experienced the usual back-and-forth motion between my PC muscle and sphincter, causing a tug-of-war situation inside me. When that calmed down a little, I decided to break out the big guns—Progasm Classic. It felt very tight inside me. Not too tight, but it definitely took a good 10 minutes of relaxing. During the relaxation period, my sphincter would very slowly swirl it around inside, putting a very noticeable pressure against all the right areas. After I was properly relaxed and felt as if the Progasm was only somewhat noticeable, I got a light twitch of my pelvic floor, which involuntarily flexed my PC and sphincter muscles to about 90%, driving the bulbous head of the Aneros against my prostate. The pressure felt amazing and it spawned a series of light twitching. After that calmed down (about 25 minutes), I removed the Progasm and took a 15 minute break, just relaxing on the couch and enjoying the warm tingling which was now radiating up to my face.

During the end of my relaxation period, I would periodically be surprised by a PC muscle contraction which I felt deeper than I ever have previously. Before when I experienced that contraction, the sensation would be very centralized. Now it felt like the root of my dick was 5 times longer and the sensation seemed to radiate half way up my back. This felt amazing. I could feel my prostate swell bigger than it ever had before. The intensity of the swelling felt like it was pushing against everything that surrounded it, even though I didn’t have an erection. The strength of the single surprise contractions would send a warm wave up to the top of my head—another first for me. I then decided to insert the MGX.

The twitching began, which now felt like a jack hammer sending warm waves up my spine and down my legs. My dick was only half hard, but it felt like I had a raging boner growing from my balls in the opposite direction (inward). The swelling felt absolutely exquisite against the MGX. I began to feel minor twitching coming from a place I had never felt before. It felt like it was between my PC and sphincter… almost deep within my pelvic floor. I’m now wondering if that was my prostate trying to jump start itself. After about a half hour, it was getting late and I decided to go to bed. As I laid there, I would get that new twitch, which would involuntarily flex my lower abdominal muscles, forcing a fetal position. I felt a swirling motion within my anus which rubbed other muscles across my prostate over and over again. I enjoyed this and finally fell asleep.

This morning, I woke up with a raging hard-on. My prostate felt like I had a golf ball taped to my taint that I could not remove. The feeling was intense. I felt completely engorged in pleasure, but my brain completely ignored my dick. The focus was now almost completely on my prostate. I started to get a couple of those new twitches, which sent the same warm shocks throughout my body as it did the night before. I showered, got dressed and headed out to work. During the car ride, it felt like I was sitting on a very thin, racing bicycle seat. SO much pressure. It almost felt like how your prostate feels after a 3rd time cumming that day. Almost sore, but mostly very VERY aware that it exists and exactly where it is in my body.

I’m now sitting in my chair at the office, feeling like a chicken sitting on an egg. I’ve never felt such pressure down there. Once in a while, I’ll get a very minor twitch from my prostate, which I recognize as minor, but I swear I can hear it ringing in my ears when it happens due to its monumental effect on my body. I have yet to experience a prostate orgasm, but if I never progress past this point, I won’t be disappointed. My prostate is definitely awake and the re-wiring process is pleasurable beyond words. When I take a break to step outside, I feel the wind redirecting each individual hair on my head which makes the top of my skull tingle. When I walk, I feel my entire dick against my underwear. Needless to say, I’m very sensitive this morning.

I’m definitely looking forward to relaxing with my MGX after work.

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  1. Raging boner inside sounds like what I regularly feel when I get really aroused but never with any toys so far. It gets suffocated. Also I hate to break it to you and find it extraordinary that you’re able to do get somewhere with toys in this condition, but you should be careful. Your experience during the day is a cause of too much pressure or maybe as some called it – bruising of the prostate. It wears off in a few days. Try Aneros-less sessions, you might be able to make enough pressure just with your muscles/position.

  2. Hmmm, maybe it’s bruised… I’m not exactly sure. But as the day goes on, I’m experiencing an extreme relief of pressure. It’s now a nice, tingly warmth radiating from my balls halfway down my legs. When I start to really focus on my prostate, it will swell up again to the level of being completely engorged. 4 or 5 times during my journey, I would feel my prostate swell while the MGX was inside me. This would trigger a wave of warmth, as my insides hugged the device. It would build and build, until I would have the same feeling one experiences when about to cum, or I guess I would call it the Twilight period. That feeling lasts anywhere from 5 seconds to a minute. Edit: grammar and spelling

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