Tight butt requires a smaller toy

I'm getting Eupho and worry that it's still too big, bulgy, long or whatever as I can get very ecstatic with this.

I inserted it about 2.75" (index finger size) in with brush part upwards (brush side out of course!) and it turned sideways right away so I let it. If it didn't fall out when the intensity ramped up (involuntary) I'm pretty sure I would orgasm. It's 0.5" thick and it wobbled up and down and it fueled my arousal extremely, I was dripping precum more than ever.

This is a final proof that Helix, SGX or anything of similar size is a waste of time for me. The idea was that didn't know what's wrong with them – each didn't work in their own way. I was thinking about how MGX could make things better and the other option was Eupho but I worried that it looks too much like Helix except size – and so I had an idea.

Refute people who say you need to stick with it, there is a technique but you can't do it with a wrong tool. Even if you don't orgasm it should feel so pleasurable that you don't want it to stop! It feels like your prostate is tickled by a feather and not pounded.

I was considering Peridise too but I'm not sure how much the design is important to mobility and if it would be enough. Please let me know If you know about other products that are not as big or you use them (information which Aneros you are successfully using regularly and how it compares would be great).

I can't understand why this isn't a common knowledge after so many years of Aneros existence. For reference, I'm slim, 5' 11" and have 35.4" waist (32-size pants which are exactly that size).

Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/3m2xh4/tight_butt_requires_a_smaller_toy/