My personal experience with the Aneros Helix SYN (follow-up)

I had not made a lot of progress since my last post until very recently. I decided to write a follow-up for people who are interested in other guy's experiences.

Frustrating sessions

After my last post I was fairly confident to make a lot of progress in my next sessions. But I was wrong about that. I had problems getting a tug-of-war going. The binaural beats did help, but I lost my concentration easily. I knew that I was trying too hard. I did the exact same things in my last sessions and expected some kind of breakthrough moment and never-ending pleasure. It was quite frustrating. But I was more frustrated about my high expectations than the lack of progress. I stopped using my Aneros for two weeks.

Two nice sessions on the same day

I had a cold and a bit of time on my hands. I spend some time watching porn without jerking off and thought about using my Aneros again. As soon as I was feeling much better, I started a session. But this time I did a few things differently.

  1. I didn't wear a jockstrap. In my early sessions I was often distracted by my penis and pre-cum. When my penis was rubbing on my stomach it sometimes felt like jerking off. The pre-cum didn't help. I tried to avoid penile stimulation by wearing a jockstrap. For some reason I was confident to not get distracted by penile stimulation this time. I would just try to focus on anal stimulation.
  2. I didn't use the tug-of-war method. I decided to try out the do nothing technique. This method didn't work out for me in my early sessions, but I wanted to give it another chance. After inserting the Aneros I lay on my back, got into a comfortable position and relaxed.

It never took me long to get used to the prostate massager after inserting it. After a while doing nothing got boring. But instead of using any of my muscles, I just concentrated on a spot that gave me a slightly better feeling. I can only describe it as a kind of tingling I mentally focused on. After focusing on the feeling that tingling gave me for a while, some tiny, unconscious muscle contractions started to happen. I didn't flex any of my muscles deliberately. In fact I tried very hard not to do any contractions. Some of these unconscious contractions gave me slightly better feeling, some did not. I still focused on the tingle and let my body do the work for me. I don't know how long it took, but something similar to a tug-of-war was going on after a while. I decided to listen to some binaural beats because this helped me to increase the pleasure in my last sessions. But I soon stopped the audio and ended the session because I wanted to leave the session with a good feeling.

After this first session I ate something and drank a lot of tea. But I couldn't stop thinking about trying again. I waited an hour after I drank my last cup of tea (because a full bladder can be such a turn-off), lubed up my Aneros and started a second session on the very same day. My first session ended roughly 5 hours ago.

The unconscious muscle contractions started very soon and I did enjoy them for quite some time. I tried to stay aroused as user /u/anerothon suggested under my last post. I didn't try to maintain a hard-on, I just tried to get/stay turned on mentally. But that was a tough challenge. I also remembered the tip from user /u/deeplonging to use /r/gonewildaudio for stimulation. I always liked listening to moaning. I hoped it would help me to stay mentally aroused this time. It took me a while to find the right audio file but as soon as I found it, a few nice things happened. I try to list all of them here.

  1. The moaning turned me on a lot (mentally and physically).
  2. The prostate massager got sucked in deeper due to some heavy muscle contractions.
  3. I enjoyed a very nice pulsating sensation.

I had some bad experience with deliberate strong muscle contractions. But the unconscious ones didn't hurt a bit. I cannot describe the pulsating feeling adequately as I focused on enjoying it as long as it lasted. It lasted quite a while. The sound file ran for 8 minutes. The pulsating massage didn't stop for many minutes after that. I noticed that the pleasurable feeling didn't leave the groin area. But that didn't matter. It felt very nice. That made it easy to stay mentally aroused. But after a while I deliberately stopped. I don't really know why. I just did. My body started to shake a bit. I should have ended the session at this point because I couldn't expect more from a single session. I lubed up my Aneros again after relaxing for a minute or two. But it didn't get as intense as before. At least I didn't get frustrated this time. I had an amazing feeling and I cannot wait to try it again. I just don't want to bruise my prostate by using the Aneros too much. I will have to wait a day or two until my next session.

What's to come?

I don't know. I haven't been there yet. Maybe I will be able to get an orgasm by anal stimulation. I'm trying to keep my expectations low as I don't want to get frustrated by that. This whole experience reminded me of the time I discovered masturbation. When I started masturbating, I used a technique that took me an hour to orgasm. I didn't knew better. This last session felt alike. I had very pleasurable feelings. But it may have taken another hour until I reached some sort of climax. I may not know of what's to come, but I have the feeling that I will enjoy every step of the journey.


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  1. Noice! I’ll try not to blab on too much like I usually do. The break was definitely a good move. Re-approach with a fresh perspective and a clean slate. Frustration can ruin an attempt so easily, which is why I sometimes suggest shorter sessions. If you are not already, try refraining from having a traditional orgasm (w/ ejaculation) afterwords until after your next/following aneros session. This was how I broke through for the first time once I learned how to listen to the feelings. yes…… **listen to the feelings** thnx 4 sharin’

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