Think I realize now why it’s called “Riding”!

So last night, I wanted to have an A–Less O session, but things just weren’t working. I went through 600 PC contractions #1 1–9, #2 1–9, etc. and started getting a few little pwaves at the end, but nothing that would move into an O.

Was Frustrated, but figured there’d be other better days so dropped off to sleep.

Woke up 5 hours later, around 6am, and out of habit grabbed my dick with a couple fingers )I like to drift off to sleep like that occasionally(, but instead felt a pwave )!!(.

So followed it, and wound up with a 15 min rolling intense penis DO, and I kept my fingers around the base of my now erect dick because I was afraid the O would slip away otherwise, but it didn’t.

Waited a few min afterward to relax, and then another 15 min rolling DO started )!!(. OK, but as I was enjoying this one, I kept feeling pwaves as my dick head brushed the sheets as I was moving around. Hmmm…

So I moved my fingers to lightly touch the left & right edge of the glans and touched/rubbed the pee–hole occasionally as I had found in previous sessions, and the rolling O kept going… Whew. OK. Kept getting pre–lube drops from my dick and that allowed me to keep rubbing & touching the parts of the glans without chaffing anything. Also, used moving my hips around/rolling ’em to follow the prostate pwave.

So after that one and another short wait, ended up having still another rolling 15 min DO and then a couple of 10 minute ones after that, whew…

Somewhere in like the 3rd one, I wondered if I could switch to either nipple instead, and that worked too. And found I could switch back and forth between nipple and glans, and all of ’em seemed to keep the O’s going.

So now, I’m starting to think that any time I go into a DO by any means, I can probably switch to glans stim if I want. It seems to newbie me that when I use glans stim, I can have and maintain reliable deep–thrust orgasms. And I really prefer those over the lighter ones.

But hey, whatever!!

So anyway, somewhere in the last 3, I remembered some of the guys saying they could move the orgasm around, and that worked too. Moved it to my anus for a couple min, then back to penis. Then moved it to my breasts )w nipple stim( and kept the O going there for a few minutes. I was so drenched with sweat, that it acted like lube on my chest. Seems like I just had to focus on the feelings from any of those places and the prostate O connection just continued orgasming from that location. )I feel like I know so little about this!!!( But am equally surprised, excited, and pleasured by it all. Started chuckling because I just kept being able to keep going…

All of these O’s were accompanied by deep pelvic in/out thrusting, sweating, open–mouth panting, crunching up, rock hard penis most of the time for the first 3 )then more flaccid during the last couple O’s(. During the last couple, I felt my heart pounding and I was quietly moaning a little. Each of the O’s felt like something between riding a horse and riding a bull, though a lot more pleasurable!!!

As before though, whenever I was doing the glans stimulation, I had to keep feeling )lights were out( my scrotum to see if it was turtling up. I’d started rubbing my frenulum or rubbing too hard on the glans a couple of times, and I felt the same groin tightening I would feel if I were jerking off / edging, and my scrotum had started bunching up, so I’d ease up. Didn’t want to ejaculate, or worse – cause blue–balls!!! So with a little caution, I was able to keep it all just connected to the prostate, so no ill effects! Hate those blue–balls, huh!

Also though, by the last O, I found I could almost do anything with my penis head and not cause turtling. But I didn’t want to find out what would go too far, so I just kept to what worked so far – light touching/rubbing the edge of the glans and the pee–hole.

So, About 1:45 later, finally felt done! Knew I could keep it going, but I felt satisfied and was ready to move on.

Finished off with a 15 min cool–down period just fingering my dick, and having a nice full testical/scrotum massage. It took the full 15 min cool–down for the sweat )and 5 min of that for my heartrate( to dissipate!

Nice start to the day!