Initial flinch killing sensation

I have this issue whereas when I insert the aneros, I'll get an immediate reaction from my body that sends my rectal muscles into a spasm, which is very, very nice. Things seem to progress quickly in terms of swelling my prostate and when my PC muscle gets involved, my body flinches, clenching hard on the aneros, killing the subtle build-up.

My boyfriend (who is already multiorgasmic with regular super-Os) says that when this happens to him, it's impossible for him to have a successful session. He states it over stimulates the prostate too soon by having the device slam into it.

How do I stop this initial flinch which haunts progress? Would starting out with a finger be a good idea? Like, inserting but not yet touching the prostate, just to get my body used to a foreign object being inserted anally? Am I not inserting the aneros slowly enough?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. I think more people should explore with just a finger just to help explore and learn more about what anal stimulation in general feels like. I think this is a great way to get used to the new area and the sensation it can receive, but I don’t know if it would necessarily help you out. If anything you should see this as a milestone of progress instead of a road block. I know exactly what your describing. You feel things building, but then one large thrust of the aneros kinda slams too hard up inside essentially leading to a de-stimulation effect. You are at the point where you have learned to recognize the build up effect and can get the aneros to spasm. This is good stuff, as you stated, but how do you get it to not choke itself off? To answer I will try to make a crazy analogy. Your progress with the aneros is like learning to walk. When you first learn your still feeling out this whole new world you can now access with bipedal "walking" motion. New mental connections teaching you this new muscle memory are still unbalanced and uncoordinated, BUT WORKING. If you try to run you will likely fall over and crash and burn because your still getting your feet under you. Unfortunately aneros stuff is more difficult because a portion of getting it up and running is involuntary (or maybe just difficult to access [still learning myself]). I have no idea if that made any sense, sorry. I would advise you to spend longer in the begging relaxing. Do some yoga or meditate. Maybe any sort of excersize would help keep you in more control and relaxed preventing that too strong of a clench when things are just strating to build. If running or lifting is your thing try accomplishing that first. Come into the session as relaxed as possible (nice showers can help too) and do your best to stay relaxed as the sessions starts and goes on forward. Keep taking nice even slow breaths. As you start to feel the aneros start to spasm just keep focused on your breathing and keeping your system calm (which is hard with those feeling, I know). It is in the nature of the aneros to cause muscles and muscle groups to quake and quiver. My abs go crazy sometimes spasming and can lead to crazy bucking/rocking motions. I think I can have stronger orgasms if I can fend of the quakyness for a minute which the buildup approaches. Sorry this is getting so long, but the difficulty at this point is how good stuff is starting to feel. Your clenching because your on the cusp of having a prostate orgasm. Traditional orgasm (ejaculation) is akin to that clenching up feeling. Just think how much peoples faces clench, the old fashion "O-face". With the aneros you have to learn to relax through and *ride through* the build up. It’s such a different weird thing. Just keep remembering that it isn’t like a normal orgasm. When you feel it about to "go over the edge" you treat it differently that traditional orgasm in a way that is difficult to explain, but you can end up aborting the O your feeling coming. Try to do some searching around and look for the "boomerang" idea/technique.

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