Holy shit! I think I finally did it!

This literally just happened. I've been using Aneros products on and off for the better part of a decade, and although I've enjoyed the feeling and had some great super-ts, I've never been able to achieve a full on super-O. Today, that changed. I've been really getting more into of the "hands-off" approach to my sessions for the last few months, and I've come close but never been able to break through. Today I had my third session of the week with my Helix Syn after taking some extra prep time to trim the hedges and clean up real good. I took my time and relaxed thuroughly while inserting, and after taking a few minutes to get adjusted, began breathing deeply and lightly alternating my pc and sphincter. This time however I kept telling myself in my head, "you're not going to super, and that's ok." Also I tried to get a rhythm going so the contractions were happening naturally rather than something I had to actively concentrate on. After just a few minutes I started to get some involuntary buzzing, and slowly that buzzing began to spread throughout my entire body, growing in intensity. At it's peak, my abdominal muscles were fully contracted, and entire body was tingling very strongly. I would relate the feeling to the tingling that happens in your face when you hyperventilate, plus the buzzing numbness you get in your hands after mowing the lawn for a while, but both over my entire body. It kept going like that for probably five minutes or more, I feel like I could have kept it up, but I was getting exhausted at that point, so i let it idle down.

I'm excited to have finally experienced what everyone was talking about, and just how different it was from what I had expected. I'm still getting tingles and my abs are sore, think I'm going to go take a nap. Thanks Aneros!

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  1. Congratulations! I suggest trying it again soon, while you are still sensitive. Things should go much faster.

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